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The year is 3147 AD. The streets of earth are lined with tech, and the sky is no longer the limit for many corporations. Cities have grown vast, and mother nature is as relentless as ever, constantly reminding humanity who is truly in charge. However, On July 17, 3147. Everything changes.


Many people on earth do not realize this, but earth is actually two worlds within one. There is the physical realm of existence, and there is the mythical realm. An entire parallel reality that runs along side earth that no one knows about. No one, except a select few. In this mythical Realm, Dragons, Griffons, Centuars, Unicorns, Pegasi, and other creatures of magic roam free, unable to directly interact with humanity, but shape it all its own. Likewise, humanity shapes the mythical realm without even trying. One thing is forever certain among those who know of both worlds. If one gets destroyed, the other is as well.

In both worlds, there are a select few that are born with the ability to both sense the other world, and in certain locations, switch between them. These indivuals are known to the wise as Shifters. Some people regard Shifters in high fashion. Others, on the other hand, believe them to be crazed individuals that can't keep themselves quiet. However, Shifters can be very powerful, and regardless of a person's belief towards them, everyone knows not to piss one off. Reality just seems to break around them to make sure everything goes a shifters' way.


Recently though, a disappearance in a prominent Shifter, Veronica De LaCrouse, and significantly more extreme natural disasters have even the disbelievers worried. Once prominent rivers have run dry, sea levels threaten to consume Australia, and the ever looming threat of war between nations is prominent. In the realm of magic, a once extinct volcano, has begun showing signs of significant activity, and all activity has been deemed unnatural. The magma in the core is a dark purplish green instead of the bright red that magma has grown to be known for. It raises the question, how long do we have?




  • This Roleplay will take place on a futuristic Earth that is set 1129 years into the future.

  • The Mythical Realm is a parallel earth and has no human civilzations at all. There are however different civilizations for each race there.

  • The races that are available are as follows

    • Earth Realm: 3 Magic points. Minor Magics Only (There is no in world benefit to any race. It's purely decorative.)

      • Black

      • White

      • Asian

      • Hispanic

      • Indian

      • Arabic

    • Mythical Realm

      • Pegasus

        • 20 magic points

      • Dragon

        • 50 magic points

      • Centaur

        • 15 magic points

      • Ogre

        • 10 magic points

      • Griffon

        • 20 magic points

      • Unicorn

        • 30 magic points

      • Avian

        • 30 Magic points




  • All players will generate a character using the character database on the site. All characters will be linked in this thread as well as this opening post for organization. The Character Form can be found at the bottom.

  • The players of this roleplay will be renown characters within the setting, a will all be a shifter.

  • Shifting can be done at shift gates and a shift cannot be stopped for any reason once it's been started. However, you may simply leave again once the shift is complete. A shift between worlds takes fifteen minutes in game time.

  • The more detail you can give the better. No detail is ever too small. Even ones you feel could be insignificant could have a drastic impact on the story.

  • All Out of Character chat shall take place in the designated channel. No Out of Character comments should be in the In Character channel.


Rules for Character Creation:

  • For the earth realm, standard human races.

  • Once your Mythical Realm race is chosen, it is permanent for that character. If you wish to play a different Mythical Race, you must create a new character and either have that character leave the current mission, or kill them off.

  • Only one Player Character Per Player please.

  • NPCs Will be controlled by Me.

  • Standard Forum Roleplay rules and etiquette apply.

  • If after 24 hours a post has not been made, any person can make a post to progress the plot.



Magic: The Mythical Realm is full of magic. The following magics are available.

  • Minor Magic (One Magic point)

    • Earth (inorganic)

    • Fire

    • Wind

    • Water

    • Light (Includes healing)

  • Advanced Magic (Two Points)

    • Ice

    • Lightning

    • Magma

    • Earth (Organic)

    • Darkness

  • Major Magic (Four Points)

    • Poison

    • Dread

    • Regeneration

    • Pure Arcane Energy

  • Magic Skill Level (Put this next to your magic type to show your skill level with that magic.

    • Beginner ( No Additional Points)

    • Novice (Plus One Magic point)

    • Amature (Plus Three magic points)

    • Adept (Plus Six Magic Points)

    • Expert (Plus ten Magic Points)

    • Master (Plus Twelve Points)

    • Legendary (Plus 15 Points)


Character Form:





Earthen Race:

Earthen Magic:

Mythical Race:

Mythical Magic:

Appearance: (Description or picture)





Myself: Nira Dana Garcia

Pyro: Nox Sidus

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Name: Nox Sidus

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Earthen Race: Black

Earthen Magic: Fire Novice, Wind Beginner

Mythical Race: Avian

Mythical Magic: Darkness Expert, Fire Expert, Wind Adept

Appearance: His avian form is reminiscent of a blaziken, though the red parts have become a dark gray in color and the hair was bleached pure white and pulled into a ponytail. He wears a tank-top and shorts in his human form, with white hair pulled into a ponytail reaching his shoulders.

Personality: Cold and distant externally, its mostly just because he gets very serious and focused when there is a task for him to complete. He is very interested and focused on martial arts, preferring to train in his free time in most circumstances.

Backstory: Nox was a normal dude as far as anyone knew, that is until he stumbled upon one of the shifting sites and accidentally activated it. The sudden awakening of his powers bleached his hair and influenced his shifted form. After figuring out how to return to his own world, he dedicated himself to protecting his area of the city he lived in, training in both worlds to further increase his powers.

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Nice! Will update log when home, and will also add the player character that I am using. I'll be using Nira in her true form. Just have to get her in a sheet.

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Here's Nira for the game:



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Oh Boy, I finally get to use Szalhi as a character name on this site. The search is finally Ogre. 




I wasn't expecting the Backstory to be that long, but the entire Ogre Savagery thing really kicked it off when I thought about it.


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Accepted! looking for just one more person so we can begin!

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