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Ruby Bloodworth [READY]


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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria
Name: Ruby Bloodworth
Sex: Female
Age: Older Filly, almost a Mare
Species: Areion
Eye colour: Purple
Coat: Cerise
Mane/Tail: Royal Air Force Blue (colored to explain), cut short and in a feathered style so as not to get in the way when flying, or when using her headphones.
Physique: sleek and streamlined, built for acrobatics and dancing.
Residence: Canterlot
Occupation: wishes to be a dj, but can't get gigs
Cutie Mark: A gramophone needle on a record, with movement marks around it. Ruby is a little embarrassed by how she came to get her cutie mark, as she discovered her love for mixing music and scratching tracks from bumping into a record player, which set her on the path to deciding to become a dj. So even though she got her cutie mark afterwards, she considers this to be the defining event.
Unique Traits: highly flexible wings, and somewhat of a natural ear for music.

History: Born and raised in Canterlot, Ruby's family wasn't the nicest. They were almost like the stuffy upper nobility, the ones who believed in keeping the bloodlines pure and all that drek. Ruby was always interested in the other ponies, the ones who stayed mostly in the light, but her parents refused to allow her to spend time playing with them. She became embittered towards her parents as such, especially since they wanted her to ignore her talent and skill with the tables, and instead try to be a guard pony... boring! Ruby decided to leave home, got one of the few unicorn friends she had to help her make a special mix table, one that stored some records as well as used old fashioned needles, like the gramophone she knocked over that fateful day, and made her way... nowhere fast. She is brash, and unproven, so she has trouble getting jobs, and is sleeping either in friends houses, or up in a tree every now and then...

Character Personality: She's fun loving, and likes to get to know everyone she can, as well as having a curious mind. Her true passions come out in song and dance, where she sometimes let's the music take her over. 
Character Summary: A cerise colored Areion, Ruby spends her time exploring her home in Canterlot, looking for odd jobs to do to keep herself fed while trying to get gigs. Her short shock of Royal Air Force Blue mane can be seen over her mix table, specially made for her. She doesn't really have any personal connections to her own kind, having decided due to how stuffy her parents were to leave the group and make her own way. She loves to hop in to parties, and has been known to set up her table on the edge of roads and parks, trying to get others lost in the music, though usually it's just her...



(Fun fact, the random name generator I used to get her name generated 15 names at once, and 3 of them included Faust.)

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