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A Pirate's Life For Me! (Open)


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The Sun shined beautifully down on Canterlot, Equestria's elegant capital.  Ponies young and old went about their daily lives.  Inside a small home on the city's Eastside, an old Griffin with a break made of iron sat down and ate his breakfast.  As he did he looked up at a Cutlass on his mantel, bejewled and elegant.  Just above the Cutlass was a portrait of an elegant mare unicorn.  She had a flowing Scarlet red mane, emerald colored eyes, and a lime colored coat.


Dressed in a brown pirate Captain's coat, tri corn hat, and a belt; she leaned on the Cutlass with a large treasure chest under her hoof.  A sly and proud smirk finished her beautiful features as the Griffin looked up sadly and ate his breakfast. 


"Captain.....I'm the last one alive now.  How I long to sail with you again.  But when I go, the secret will die with me.  And no blue wearing specter obsessed son of a bilge rat will stop me" Iron Beak said to himself as he finished his meal.


He peaked out his window curtain and saw various ponies going about their business and shook his head as one waved at him.  "I know he is looking for me. But I'll die before he comes for me or before the secret is known" he said as he donned a sailor's cap and matching coat.  Stepping outside, he grabbed his walking stick and moved his old body towards the market for some groceries.


At around that time the 9:45am into Canterlot pulled into the train station and several ponies got off.  Among them was a strong looking stallion Earth Pony who was dressed in a blue stripped sailor shirt and a grey bandana.  He put a hoof through his blue goatee beard and adjusted his blue mane as he carried a sack on his back into the large city.


Looking around he sighed as he spotted posters of criminals on the wall.  One in particular showed a unicorn wearing a grey tricorn hat, blue scarf around his face like a mask, a grey Captain's coat, and a blue cape.  Looking over he saw the same poster only this time the pony in the same outfit was a Pegasus.  Shaking his head he read the poster with a smile on his face.


"Wanted Dead or Alive, Captain Silver Sword for piracy, theft, destruction of property, impersonating a member of the Royal Guard etc etc....bounty is 500,000 bits!  My my my!  It's gone up again...guess that noble in the crystal empire didn't appreciate me running off with his daughter" the Earth Pony said as he tossed the poster away.


The pony entered the market square and sat down on a fountain.  He pulled out a knife and a few chunks of wood and started to sculpt with it.  In an hour and a half he was setting down wooden sculptures of ponies and even four of the Princesses Celestia, Luna, Cadenza, and Twilight Sparkle.


As he worked he whistled a tune and started to sing, attracting other ponies around him who admired and purchased his work. 


"What do we do with a drunken sailor? What do we do with a drunken sailor? What do we do with a drunken sailor early in the morning? Way hay and up she rises! Way hay and up she rises!  Way hay and up she rises early in the morning!" he sang as ponies all gathered to listen and watch him sculpt.

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Some ponies wonder why the twins would bother to go al the way to Canterlot to satisfy the needs of a single pony. What they somehow don't seem to realise is that if it's Canterlot, then it's no doubt going to be a pony of rich status. While the twins personally weren't ones for acheiving great wealth, if there's a free period on the schedule than it's all worth it to spread their services nearby.


"I do not understand why one would request our services at such an early time in the morning. Well, I guess it's not that early, but still."


"Really, it can be hard to understand the ponies of this city sometimes. I mean, it would have been sufficient to call one of us up, but then they called both of us up anyway. I guess if one is loaded then they will want premium service." 


"I wouldn't really call premium service as calling a pair of mares that are based in Ponyville."


"Hey you don't want to spoil our reputation."


"How would our reputation be spoiled if others cannot hear our conversation."


"It was an attempt at a joke."


"You know we are incapable of doing so."


"Not purposely at least."


One of the benefits to being a pair of telepathic twins is the ability to communicate with each other in a way that is basically completely private from the ears of the surrounding crowd. To others it may seem that they are just gesturing to each other, as if they were signing, with a lower quality of sophistication. 


As they were trotting along, Tranquility over heard the sound of a stallion singing at the nearby fountain. She hoofed her sister who was facing a different direction pointing over there. 


"Oh how it would be if we could sing as great as that," Placidity commented to her sister.


"We can't sing at all."


"That's the point. Amazing how such a simple shanty can mean a lot."


"I'm more interested in the sculptures," Tranquility replied pointing towards the assortment of sculptures that were near him. 


The two of them approached the stallion and stood there for a moment waiting for the correct moment to interject. 


"Good sir, I couldn't help but compliment the quality of your arts," Tranquility stated publically, examining the sculptures in more depth.


"And the way you take something quite... simple and make it seem much more," Placidity followed up referring to his song.


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Some of the wealthy and rich ponies of Canterlot had stepped up to purchase one of the many wooden figures he had made, dropping a bit or two into the bag next to him.  The blue bearded Stallion smiled as they did and continued his work and his singing.  As he finished his shanty he was addressed by a pair of twin Sisters which made him do a quick double take before smiling at them kindly.


"I thank you very much my dears.  Many a sailor such as myself learn tricks of the trade on the world's Waters.  But it's nice to come ashore and take in the sights of Land from time to time" he said as he finished a sculpture of Princess Mi Amore Cadenza setting it amongst his wares.


As he did he saw a young filly looking at a sculpture of Princess Twilight Sparkle.  Grinning he picked the figure up and carved a kind smile into Twilight's features and held the figurine out to the filly.  The filly took the gift and nodded happily in thanks before showing it to his mother.


"I know all too well a life of want, a small pick me up is welcome once in awhile I think" he said to the twins before turning to face them.


"Name's Silver Hoof, but ye can just call me Silver" he said to the twins. 


As he did he spotted what looked like an old Griffin slowly walking through the market with his walking stick.  His Iron beak his most promising feature causing Silver to smile mischievously in his direction.

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"I would imagine one would have a bit of free time while sailing around. We have not done much sailing ourselves to really concur with your statement," Placidity said as she watched him finish the sculpture. 


"That's because you're body couldn't tolerate the water much at all," Tranquility replied to her sister. She watched as the stallion offered up one of his products to a filly. "Quite nice of you to create such sculptures for others."


"I tolerated it much more than you thank you," Placidity privately rebutted to her sister. "Generosity isn't really much of a trait that is expressed truly in this city. The most you might see are the wealthy giving gifts to other wealthy. It's more of an exchange than a sacrifice really. Of course, I'm making assumptions on the stereotypes of the city." 


"It's a pleasure to meet you Silver," Tranquillity greeted. "You can call me Tranquillity."


"As I go under the name of Placidity," Placidity greeted after her sister did. 


"You can shorten them down to one syllable if it's a mouthful as you speakers would say."


"You say you're here to see the sights, but is there a more particular reason why a stallion such as yourself is present in such a city as this one?"


"If it means anything, we're not local either. Assuming that you're not local obviously. We reside down in Ponyville if that would matter to you," Tranquillity explained.



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Silver looked to the Mares with a smile acrossed his bearded face.  It was obvious they were smarter then they looked, but fortunately had not yet deduced his true motive.  In fact were it not for the right timing and some quick thing on his part, he might have been arrested by now.  As such he had no issue looking to the Mares as he said, "Ah your both as sharp as well as beautiful.  Your correct my dears, the sights of the Royal Capital are beautiful but I admit I have an ulterior motive."


"I guess you could say I am here to see an old friend of mine....when I say old I mean old.  Grumpy old bird probably doesn't even know I am here for a surprise visit" Silver explained as he watched old Iron Beak move through the crowds of the market, a bag of groceries under his talon.


As Iron Beak walked, he suddenly suffered another coughing fit, this one more sever then others.  He gasped and wheezed dropping his groceries and his walking stick, collapsing onto the side walk.  As he did, several ponies ran over to the old Griffin who held his chest in agony.


Silver jumped up with n shock and watched the old pirate struggle in pain, cursing under his breath.  "No!  Don't die now you old Crow!" he thought as he stared at the dying Griffin.

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