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Character Application: Gem Bolt [Ready]

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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria


Name: Gem Bolt


Sex: Male


Age: Stallion


Species: Unicorn


Eye color: Electric Blue


Coat: Yellow


Mane/Tail: Silver, Hair is kinda curly. He does wear glasses.


Physique: He’s size is between a mare and an average stallion. He’s not very muscular. He is a tad stocky.  He even has some freckles on his face.


Residence: Ponyville


Occupation: Magic enchantment gems factory worker


Cutie Mark: A green gem with a blue lightning bolt on it. He got his cutie mark due to a inspiration, While trotting Ponyville during a thunderstorm, he was close by a cart full of gems. Then, suddenly a bolt of lightning descended from a storm cloud and had struck the cart full of gems. The gem had become charged with magical electricity. This had interested Gem a bit, he knew that most sources of energy that is used to power things like buildings and such use magical electricity. He wonders if could use some gems and create a kind of magic battery in the process. So, the next he goes into town and buys a bag filled with many gemstones of all sorts. He soon runs off to the back of his house to start his experiment with the gems. Once there, he pours the bag on the ground. Then he steps back a bit and starts building up some electricity into his horn, once there was enough energy he shot out a spark of blue lighting out of his horn. The light was too bright and he had to cover his eyes with his hoof. Later, when the light had died down, he lowered his hoof and looked around to checked if he damaged anything by accident. Once there was a clear sign that nothing in the surrounding area wasn’t totaled, he looked over to the gems. The gems were sparking with electricity around them, the experiment was a success! He then noticed something on his flank, it was a cutie mark! It was a green gem with a blue lightning bolt on it.


Unique Traits: He is able to make crystals be fill with electrical magic. He is able to use these supercharged gemstones as weapons when needed be. He is smart but sometimes needs a bit of guidance.


History: Gem Volt was born on a Monday in June, his place of birth is Ponyville Hospital. Life growing up for Gem wasn’t too rough, Though, he did move around a bit because his mom had yet to find a good husband for her to really love and relate to. Other than that, he has a good life. His mother is Cherry Twist and his stepfather is Steel Tools, his parents get along with him just fine. Although, his mother is more on that boat. WIth his stepfather, they may argue about something a lot but they still care about each other. He has two brothers which are Spark Cube and Wild Card. He also has three stepbrothers which are Light Skeer, Fine Dish, and Counterpoint. Also, they have a little family dog named Amber. Gem’s life currently is a fine, a bit boring but find. He has a job a factory with other unicorns to make magical energy gems to power things like magically powered flashlights and other things. He’s pretty much a loner and doesn’t really a group of friends to hang out with. He pretty much got to this point with a hard drive to work and do well. True raw determination! Right now he hopes to find some friends to able to hang out with, as well as find somepony to love.  


Character Personality: Gem is a pretty good pony regardless of what he thinks of himself. He doesn’t like the idea of fate or destiny because he doesn’t like the idea of some unknown force controlling his life and would be all against it. He’s a bit funny, though he sometimes usually doesn’t make the best jokes and he knows it. He can solve some problems but will need some help to get to a clear solution, though there are times where he can be independent for himself. He does have a fear of failure and at most may himself for mistakes he may have a hoof in. He can kind of get ticked off at some things like ponies who might bother him and say things that could make him feel uncomfortable. He can wait for a while but he hates over waiting like sitting for an appointment and it takes like an hour or even more.      


Character Summary: Gem Volt is a pony who longs for more to do in his life. So far, he works at a small factory located around Ponyville that makes magical gem batteries that can power items and buildings. He has a bit of a big family. He wants to find what’s out there in the world for him. Maybe a group of friends and even somepony who he can love, so he doesn’t need to be so alone.  

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