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Rarity [Ready, Cast]

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Roleplay Type: WoE




Name: Rarity


Sex: Female


Age: Mare


Species: Unicorn


Eye color: Moderate azure, with a light cornflower blue eyeshadow.


Coat: Rarity’s coat is a pure light gray, almost white in color.


Mane/Tail: Rarity’s mane and tail are a stunning violet. Her mane and tail are kept in long and gorgeous curls. The curls of her mane go over her neck and the left side of her face. Her tail is kept in one tight curl that bounces behind her. It is very obvious she takes care of herself.


Physique: Rarity holds her slender body with elegance and class. She has powerful legs to carry herself with pride.


Residence: Carousel Boutique, Ponyville


Occupation: Seamstress, Fashion Designer, Shopkeeper, and most importantly the Element of Generosity


Cutie Mark: Three blue eight facet lozenge diamonds.




Rarity received her cutie mark during one of the most extraordinary phenomenons. It didn’t seem that way at first though, but it all started during school in Ponyville. Rarity was born a fashionista, and her work has always been kept to a perfect standard, and if it wasn’t perfect, Rarity wouldn’t accept it. This includes the costumes she made for the school play. While her teacher commended her work, it was deemed unsatisfactory and simply drab to her. She insisted on remaking the costumes until they were perfect. After her second attempt, she still was unhappy with the costumes and as if on cue, her horn lit up with a light blue aura. It dragged her continuously towards the left until it reached a large geode that appeared to be a plain boulder. Upon seeing the boulder, Rarity became disappointed. She thought her horn would lead her to her destiny, but instead, it brought her a rugged rock.


Suddenly, a vibrant rainbow streaks across the sky before expanding into a large ring with a resounding boom. This splits the boulder in half revealing it to be filled with precious and dazzling jewels. She put these jewels to good use and used them to spruce up the costumes. Upon seeing the crowds admiring faces, and finding pride in her work, Rarity’s flank started to glow before triplet diamonds appeared.


Unique Traits: Rarity possesses razor-sharp focus, which she uses to expertly craft clothing. She wields magic powerful enough to levitate many articles of fabric and sewing tools as well as use them. On top of her precision in sewing, Rarity’s magic can mend and fix anything from butchered hair to broken wagon wheels. Her magic developed a spell all on its own that she uses to unearth gemstones. Aside from her magical abilities, Rarity poses strong legs used to give powerful kicks. Rarity’s charm has been beneficial to her and her friends, as it can convince even the most adamant stallions to falter.


History: Rarity was born in raised in Ponyville. At the time, Ponyville wasn’t the biggest attraction, so Rarity lived a simple life, aside from her passion for fashion. She has always been in love with the craft, even before she started her own works, she admired passerby pony’s garb. The styles, the patterns, even the material, you name it, and there is no doubt Rarity hadn’t already studied and admired it.


She had been the only child for most of her life, but due to the company that was always around her, and friendly community members, Rarity was never lonely. She had fun with the other children and lived an almost normal childhood. Her love of fashion and the ability to create beautiful outfits brought her into higher social circles, but she never forgot who her friends were. Rarity remained true to her friends because they were always there to support her. This is what sparked her giving nature.


After getting copious amounts of support and admiration, Rarity wanted to give back to her community. She started small at first, lending a helping hoof here or there, eventually making costumes for every school play. During one of the plays, Rarity even earned her cutie mark. Her skillful work always brought attention and more chances to continue her craft. You needed costumes or outfits made? Rarity was your gal.


As the mare’s life progressed, she began running her own boutique where she was able to practice and sell her lovingly crafted masterpieces. Whenever a pony walked into the Carousel Boutique, Rarity made it her mission to make sure they left looking fabulous and feeling confident. Rarity’s generous nature was always present, be it helping a customer find their perfect season complexion or giving them fashion and life advice. You can always count on Rarity to give a helping hoof.


One year, during the Summer Sun Celebration, Rarity is tasked with preparing the decorations for Princess Celestia’s arrival. On this day, in her boutique, a plum unicorn walks in with a terrible mane, Rarity goes right to work to fix this atrocity. When Nightmare Moon escaped from her prison, Rarity was among the group to help Twilight Sparkle save Equestria from eternal night.


From then on, Rarity stuck by her new friend's sides, be it Changelings, Dragons, Parasprites, or even simply a bad mane day. Rarity’s love for her friends knows no bounds, and as long as the magic of friendship connects them, there is no chance she would ever trade them for anything.


Character Personality: Rarity lives a glamorous life. One look at her and anypony can tell that Rarity enjoys keeping herself clean and tidy. Rarity values everypony’s beauty and will go out of her way to be sure they look their best. Rarity keeps herself pristine and hates getting muddy, her mane and tail never collect dirt or grime because of Rarity’s high standards of hygiene. A pony’s physical beauty isn’t the only thing that matters to her. The true colors of a pony, are what help Rarity determine who they are and what their style is. She would never give a flashy pony dull greys and murky blacks because that’s not who that pony is, granted she wouldn’t give anypony a dull look anyways.


Rarity loves receiving compliments and encouragement on her craft. Like any craftspony, the compliments and good wishes are what keep them going, and if Rarity had never received that support, she may have never found her life’s calling. Rarity is a sophisticated pony and speaks with a formal tone, while she can be a drama queen, Rarity likes to think of herself as regal. She can be a bit stubborn, especially if a pony’s ideals don’t quite match up with Rarity's, though she is quick to recover and understands everypony is different. While she can be adverse to getting dirty, if the situation calls for it, and something needs to be done, Rarity will take charge and get the problem handled. Once done, though, she’ll go take a nice bubble bath and relax.


Rarity is a generous soul and is always there to lend a hoof. Do you need costumes, a dress repair, a hair fix? Rarity has you covered. The glamorous pony is more than just looks and delivers help to anypony in need. That being said, she may take matters completely into her own hooves and get so enveloped in her work that she forgets about other pony’s artistic styles. She is always quick to correct her mistakes and offers to help in a more productive manner.


Character Summary: Rarity is a unicorn fashionista, who resides in Ponyville. She runs a shop, the Carousel Boutique, where she sells hoof-made clothing. As the Element of Generosity, Rarity is a giving pony. She spends a generous amount of time helping others around her and giving back to her community. Even as a filly, Rarity was always ready to help, she even made costumes for the school plays the schoolhouse threw. The support of her peers has always kept Rarity driven to continue her passion, and in turn, she supported them. Even when she was off on adventures with Twilight, Rarity always found a way to give back to Equestria. She is so devoted to her adoring fans, she would even sacrifice a part of her beautiful tail. A drama queen at heart, Rarity loves to be the center of attention and finds herself drawing the spotlight away from those who need it. She can be misguided in her attempts to help and can be overbearing without meaning to, but she understands her faults and always tries to correct them.


Rarity, while being very charming and beautiful, is more than her appearance. She is a strong and loyal friend, who always pulls through and can take charge when she needs to. She is pristine and a perfectionist, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t willing to put in the effort to get a task done. Simply put, Rarity as a whole is generosity personified.

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