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Big Mac, Stallion of the Apples!

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Big Macintosh


Well, the names Big Macintosh, but reckon ya'alls can call me Big Mac. Some even use Big Red, but plain ol' 'Mac' works too!


Ah'm pretty sure ah'm a Male, last ah checked!


Ah'd be grown 'young' Stallion, Eeeyup, an' still very much at mah best condition, too!


A proud earth pony - A real 'Salt of the earth' kinda pony, an' wouldn't change that for anythin'!

Pelt Color:

Looks to me like a nice apple red...heh, s'pose life jus' kinda has a sense of humor that way, eh?

Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style:

Ah'd hazard a guess at A kinda weird brownish blonde...Ah'm no arty pony, though, so s'hard to say.

Did you just ask how Ah Style mah mane? Pfft, this is an apple farm - Ah got no time for fancy manestylin's!

Ah prefer to jus' go out rough'n'ready in the mornin's, an' it works for me!


Well, okay...Mah tail *is* trimmed regularly t'keep it outta the way of mah workin' on the farm, but that's it for me!

Eye Color:

Heh, whaddya know...Gala apple green!

Cutie Mark:

Well, it's half an apple - but that don't mean I put half-flanked effort in, let me tell ya'all now!


Workin; on the farm can give a stallion quite a workout...Now ah don't like t'toot my own bugle, but Ah'm quite the stocky male - certainly don't think there's many ponies who look quite like ah do, even if that's just my say so!


Well, what'm I gonna say here? Born n'raised on the apple family farm - didn't know much else beyond what the ol' folks wanted from us...sure, ah went to school an' got an edumacation there, but other than that, pop wanted me t'follow in the family ways, way even before applejack was a twinkle in an eye.

Ah worked mah rump off alongside pa an' ma an' helped buck apples from the trees, tended to the other crops we plant now an' then, as well as helpin' around wi' anythin' else they wanted me to do at the time - when they finally retired to other pastures new, ah offered up to take over the general maintenance of the farm in their stead alongside Applejack...an' it's been runnin' jus' fine ever since - minus a few l'il hiccups here an' there, o'course!

Ponies ask me about mah cutie mark a lot for some reason - well, Ah'll say this much about it:-

Ah was brought up as an apple farmers son, on an apple farm, plain an' simple. Ah've Been buckin' apples for jus' about as long as mah hooves could be on the ground an' keep me up, so it wasn't any surprise t'see that on one day when ah was asked to buck a full day on mah own, Ah did it fast an' I did it better than anypony coulda seen comin' for a youngster mah age.

Ah get back to the farmhouse, an' on mah rump it turned out that the hallmark of the apple family, an apple-centric cutie mark, had appeared. Eeeyup, it's not big or fancy as a story...but that's how it happened!

S'just the tale of a pony who took up the mantle his family had born him into.

Heh, Sorry if that ain't excitin' or anythin' for ssome of you ponies, but that's the way life slices the apple sometimes!

Roleplay Type:

Mane RP, Ah reckon!


As ah said before, mah role is the general upkeep an' workin's of Apple Acres - anythin' that Applejack doesn't normally take care of, you'll usually see mah rump taking care of. Eeyup, She's a real trooper, that one - but a mite bit stubborn at times!


Mah motivation, ah guess, is to keep th'farm runnin' right up 'til ah'm old an' grey - the ponies in ponyville buy a lot of our apples, an' it's a major source of both food for them as well as bein' our vital source of bits.

As for mah own motivation...well, The thought of the farm bein' left to rot is a notion ah don't like to entertain if it can be helped, so mah personal goal is t'just do everythin' possible t'prevent that from happenin'.

As for anythin' else beyond that, Hmm...Ah guess I'll jus' keep mah options open for right now...

The future's still a'comin regardless either way, after all!


Well, for a start Ah like books - Jus' cause mah life is on a farm doesn't mean ah don't try an' get cultured.

After that, I reckon ah'm a big fan of music, alongside a good healthy dose of applebuckin'...some ponies may see it as hard work, but for me there ain't nothin' more fulfillin' than knowin' ah can buck them apples down hard an' fast!

{ An' perhaps ah have a bad habit of makin' bad apple-related jokes sometimes - but secretly, ah kinda like doin' it! }


Ah don't much care for lazy ponies - it can irk mah nerve when somepony shirks their work...heck, ah've even shooed off that pegasus from Ponyville a few times - ah think her names Rainbow Crash...Oh, wait - Rainbow Dash...from atops a few trees before when she's taken a snooze up there whilst on weather duty. Also, mah sister Applejack can be a l'il hotheaded - ya'all saw what happened a while back when she tried t'take on the whole apple orchard, so ya'all know what she can get like!

Bad apples, too - ah'm not fond of when bad apples ruin things...an' you can take that as figuramatively as you want!

Character Summary:

Ah'm a fairly Stoic Stallion, for the most part - ah let actions tend to speak the loudest for me...sometimes ah guess it's pushed too far, 'cause it was mah overworkin' that led to that whole injury (That's mah story anyway, an' ah stick to that!}

Tried t'keep an eye on mah personal pacing after that, but ah jus' don't like t'be inactive for too long...bein' a workin' farm stallion, there's usually somethin' for me to be doin'.

'Course, if there's somethin' for me to say, Ah'll let it be known - ain't no point bottlin' the important things up...

Overall, mah life is pretty good - ah keep an eye on Granny Smith as well as l'il apple bloom...an' with lookin' after the pair of 'em alongside Applejack, as well as lookin' after the farm, ah guess mah hooves are pretty full at times.

But Ah'll always remember the phrase mah pa' told me as a young colt...an' it helps me keep mah bearings!

" When life hands y'apples, make apple juice - Everythin' works out for the best in time if ya work hard at it! "


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TBH, Him Rarityand Vinyl were the only real cast members I wanted to play...I couldn't resist once I saw he was free.

Two out of three isn't bad - considering the limit is 2 cast, I'd say that was a triumph, in fact. :o

Besides - Big Mac is just utter boss!

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