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Caoimhe [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: Main Rp
Name: Caoimhe
Sex: Male
Age: Stallion
Species: Earth pony
Eye colour:  Golden
Coat: Chocolate brown with white on his belly, in his ears, and at the bottom of his hooves
Mane/Tail: his mane is in medium length, and has black, and light blonde color mixed in, with a medium length matching tail
Physique: Caoimhe is a tall pony with a stocky build and moderate muscles 
Residence: Fet Loch
Occupation: Farmer/ sheep herder  

Cutie Mark: Mountain with a dirt trail winding around it down to the base and out and a compass in the middle of the mountain. As a young colt Caoimhe loved hiking in the mountains, and taking in the sights from way up high. as a young colt he often wandered the harsh terrain alone, either for his free time or looking for a lost sheep, and learned to know his way around the steep mountains and wilderness. As a young colt, one day a sheep had gotten loose from the pasture and wandered off. He was given responsibility from his parents to watch over the flock for the day, and he feared he would be in trouble for letting one wander off. Taking it upon himself Caoimhe took off looking for this sheep. Wandering the mountain sides up and down for several hours in search of this sheep. Wandering down into the woods below he eventually found the sheep in the thick woods. By this time night was falling, and he realized he to was lost and far from home. Using landmarks and natural features he was able to find his way back home and return the sheep and himself to safety once more.

Unique Traits: Caoimhe is a hard working stallion, and over the years of herding sheep through the rough mountainside has given him a rather high stamina, and can run or do labor intensive work for long periods of times. It has also proven to give him a knack for navigating the wilderness and finding his way without a map or compass using nothing but landmarks and natural features. He is also really good at herding sheep, even doing so alone at times. He has a rather calm demeanor and is good at keeping ponies calm and avoiding conflicts.


History:  Caoimhe was born in the highlands of Fet Loch in a small stone cottage on the mountain side with his parents Allaway and brèagha. From a foal He grew up on his families pasture and helped tend to the farm. Work was hard herding sheep on the mountain but the view was always worth it. His parents Allaway his father inherited the farm from his line of ancestors who had settled the land on the harsh mountain side, and his mother brèagha lived down in the lower lands of Fet Loch. Both his parents brought up Caoimhe to always be respectful and hardworking. They always treated him with fairness and love. Caoimhe still lives on his families farm to this day, and looks after his parents and the farm. In his stallion years His parents let him take over the farm so they could retire from farming, but they don't mind pitching in to help. His life can be very labor intensive, but he deems it as humble work. Caoimhe has rather simplistic goals and hopes to establish his own farm and live in a small stone cottage just like his parents someday.  


Character Personality: Caoimhe may be a tall stocky pony but don't let that intimidate you. He is generally a very easy going pony, and just likes to have fun. Caoimhe is a bit of a wanderer and like to travel around taking in the beautiful sights of nature. When he is in town he likes getting to meet knew ponies and making new friends. He isn't really fond of fancy or formal gathering and prefers to live a simple life. For the most part he always has a laid back attitude and easy to get along with, He is really slow to anger but if you manage to get him there he can get quite confrontational.  

Character Summary: Caoimhe is is a hearty stallion with a stocky build and a soft personality. He always like to find new friends and fun where ever it can be found. He is a stallion of simple tastes and dislikes the formalities of more sophisticated life styles. He is mostly a s peaceful pony and is slow to anger but can be rather aggressive if you manage to get him all worked up. All in all he is pretty relaxed pony to be around and has a sort of bubbly attitude most of the time.

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