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Lockhart Thunder invites you to the velvet strand [Rp interest check]

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Hello! :). I just recently had my new Peryton oc Lockhart Thunder approved for roleplay (His app here), and i just thought i would check to see if there would be any interest in interacting with him? He can mostly be found wandering around the velvet strand looking after his herd of Peryton. Perhaps maybe he could be of help to your oc in some way, or maybe your oc would just like a friendly conversation? Just maybe he has to wander out of the velvet strand for some kind of important reason? 


I would love to hear if anyone else had any ideas or if there was any interest. 

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I might have to think on it for awhile. any of your mentioned characters could be in the velvet strand since they are both do therapy. Seeing as the velvet strand is a resort town that has alot of spas and the like maybe they end up there for business reasons. Or maybe a visit for themselves? All tho I have to figure out how Lockhart plays into this. His job if you will is to protect his herd of Peryton, and often wanders around making sure all is well. Maybe they meet him on one of his rounds? 

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