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Alizarin Fruits {Ready}


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Roleplay Type: WoE

Name: Alizarin Fruits
Nicknames: Ali, Miss. Fruits

Sex: Female (her/she)
Age: Younger Mare
Species: Earth Pony
Sexual Orientation: She isn't sure.
(Definitely bisexual)


~Physical Attributes~



Eye Color: Green that gradients into teal.

Character Color: Dark brown with cream markings on her hooves and face.

Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are a deep red, always up with buns using a green ribbon. 

Physique: Ali is very short, like a runt. Though, she is fit from working in the fields. 

Extra: She always has her green ribbon on her chest, and maybe has a saddle bag on her back.

Cutie Mark: 


Description: Red grapes, an apple, and a strawberry, indicating her talent for growing red fruits, and the sweet touch of her family's trust. 


Story: One faithful day, Ali's father asked her to sell some fruits outside of Ponyville by herself, to see if her selling skills were actually good without him to help. Of course Ali accepted, wanting to make sure her dad trusted her with this easy work, and ended up goin' to Cantorlot to sell her high class fruits. Most of the ponies stuck their noses up at such 'normal' foods being sold their, and Ali was kind of saddened by no pony wanting to eat her delicious red fruit. 

Finally, a nice stallion trotted on by and asked if they were good. Ali nodded her head aggressively with a large smile on her face, handing him a freshly grown strawberry to taste for free. He took a big bite, and soon his face melted in the sweet taste of the fruit. Other ponies saw this, and all huddled over to the little filly, greeting them all and selling every single fruit on her cart. 

On her way home, she was excited to tell her pop the great news. When she got there, her smile was huge as she told him everything. Her father was so proud of her, little Ali got the biggest hug of her life. Then a flash appeared on her flank, a trio of red fruits. These represented her talent of selling and growing fruit, but also her sweet and trustful relationship with her family. 




~Outside Information~

Family: Dad (Earth Pony): Vermilion Fruits, Mom (Earth Pony): Violet Fruits

L4FzMWv.png?1 4ALxWCU.png?1

Occupation: Red Fruit Farmer/Traveler

Residence: A very small farm off of Ponyville.



Character Personality: Rude, brash, straight forward, and grumpy, Alizarin isn't a pony to mess with. She generally doesn't like the idea of friendship, or any relationships in general. It's just her, her dad, and her fruits. Ali is very dedicated to her work, selling the most top notch red fruits on the market. She's a very hard worker, and it's rare to see her out of her job. Ali has a lack of trust, with anything really. She only depends on herself to take care of situations, even if she does need help. She's rather stubborn and close minded. But, the one pony she loves dearly is her dad, and she'd do anything for him. She never shows her softer side, which can be very present if creatures got her to trust them. That's just very rare. Ali is dark, mood wise. She's all around a little grump. It's rare to see her smile, but it can happen if she's emotionally driven enough. She hides her emotions, and trusts her mind way too much to make decisions. Ali is still very outgoing, to her work only, and travels a lot of places to sell her delicious and home grown fruits. She's very passionate in what she creates. Though she is a grump, she truly misses having friends.

Unique Traits: First of all, being a farm girl, Ali has a very thick country accent that she got from her father. Ali is very strong, physically, even for her small stature. She can carry a big cart full of fruit for hours on end. She is very quick to answer bad situations, and follows her mind more than anything else. Most of her decisions are made by using facts. It's easy for her to get out of a situation. 


History: Being born bright and early on a spring morning, a very small earth pony was born in the hooves of her mother and father. The bouncing baby girl was a happy little thing, always wanting attention and smiling whenever she got the chance. Growing up she was always like that, wanting to help her family grow their fruits on their very small farm. The little filly wanted to make it known that her family grew the 'best gosh-darn fruits y'all ever tasted!' She was a daddy's girl, and followed him around everywhere. 

Her mother, on the other hoof, was very distant with her family. After Ali was born, her pop-pop noticed his wife become very quiet and alone. Soon they would start bickering over dumb things, like who was going to scrap the weeds off the plants, and finally Vermilion's wife snapped at him. They fought hard now, and lil' 'ol Ali was left in the hallway of their barn, terrified of all the commotion happening within her purity. The little filly had never seen such hatred before. She didn't even know half the words that were being thrown about, but they sounded mean. Ali was scared. 

After the fighting stopped, Ali's mama drove straight into her room and packed her things. Ali was confused, and felt herself crying, as her pop scooped her up and put her to bed. 

Ever since her momma left, Ali never really trusted anypony ever again. She promised herself she would never be emotionally scarred like her father was after that. She was really just scared of somepony else leaving her. To avoid being like her mamma though, she followed in her dad's hoof steps and continued living on the family business, even meeting a special mare (cough cough Golden Daze). She secretly wants somepony else besides her pop, but is a hard head to avoid emotions. 


After her mom left, her cousin Fruit Juice was born, and honestly, Ali was incredibly excited to have another pony in the family. Her and Juice ended up getting really close, though Ali hates to admit it.






Now Ali helps run her family's little farm, being a small grump.

A little growing up photo for reference: 



Character Summary: Alizarin is a grumpy, hard working pony that travels around to sell her family's fruits. A simple pony on the outside, an emotional mess on the inside. It's hard for her to crack a smile, but it's possible. 

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