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Back in Buisness [Looking for RP]


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    It's been a while since I last visited this site, but here I am again, with everything sorted out so I can start something anew! And so, I would like to know if anyone is up for some RP. I don't have any specific setting/scene I want to play out, but I do have some loose ideas on what kind of genre I would be up to! Now, it's not just one, so here is the list!

  1.  Journey
    Just your basic tale of traveling. It doesn't need to have a great reason, some noble tale and a lot stakes. It's not the goal that matters, it's the journey. And so, I would like to RP a bit of traveling from place to place with someone who enjoys wandering as much as Gray does. Or maybe someone wants to try it out?
  2.  Story sharing
    A first meeting somewhere. Just a bit of chat, maybe a bit of walk and talk. Gray has a lot of interesting stories to tell and strangers are the best listeners. So if you are willing to lend your ear or share your adventures, Gray will gladly speak to you.
  3. Action
    As much as I enjoy casual and lazy fun, sometimes a shot of adrenaline is what keeps me going. A good, old fight in an alleyway, chase through the streets or maybe something completely else? If you would like to get some blood pumpin quick, you found the right pony


If you enjoy any of those, please say so! I would love to set something up together.

That being said, I can do roleplays outside of those lines. Casual Slice-Of-Life is always a great option to pass some time and get to know someone!

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Hiya! I'm up for somethin' if you're willing!


I got my new character Alizarin Fruits who actually travels a lot to sell her fruits, or make fruit deliveries on hoof whenever she get's the call to do so. I think a journey based RP would be a great place to start! She's a little grump, but I think the idea of a journey type plot fits the deal. 

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I'm up for any of those. As for #2. One of my characters set up the idea in her background/backstory about a little pub in Canterlot that was a hangout for R.E.A officers and adventurers...Some of the retired adventurers would hang out and tell stories there to all that would listen. As a filly, Fire Walker (my character) always made it an habit of being there with her father when one of the older guys would wobble over to the pub and tell his stories...I could see Fire Walker hitting the pub after all these years to listen to some tales..



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