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Official Discussion Thread - S09E10 - Going To Seed

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Applejack's plans for an orderly harvest go awry when Apple Bloom becomes obsessed with catching a magical creature she thinks can help them.


This thread is dedicated to discussing the episode before, during, and afterwards. As the thread is now open it may indeed contain spoilers. I ask that potential spoilers talked about or shown before the episode airs stay within the spoiler tags please, after the episode you no longer have to use the spoiler tags, but warning, if you haven't seen the episode yet after it airs, this thread no doubt will have all sorts of spoilers in reviews, images, etc. So tread at your own risk


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Elk spirit not confirmed. Man, this would have totally excited someone I know. When I saw the summary, I wasn't particularly interested, but I decided to watch it live anyway. Totally worth it. Such a fun episode. I don't remember seeing the Apple's ever growing carrots. What reason would they have for doing so?

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I adored this episode tremendously. It was a nice Apple sisters episode, with all the bonding and good family motifs that made them my favorite all those years ago. The interactions and characterizations were spot-on from dusk to dawn and it was a treat having an AJ episode where she wasn't the butt of some joke of a plot. The moral was well delivered as were the laughs. It is currently my favorite episode of Season 9 so far.

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