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Sea F. Salt {Ready}


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Roleplay Type: WoE

Name: Sea F. (Fin) Salt
Nicknames: Finnie, Salty

Sex: Female (her/she)
Age: Younger Mare
Species: Pegasus
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual


~Physical Attributes~




Eye Color: Orange to yellow.

Character Color: Light sea blue.

Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are generally unbrushed and choppy. They're a darker blue with light blue and yellow highlights. 

Physique: She's a little more on the fit side. 

Extra: She has way smaller wings than a normal pony. When she works, she wears a diving suit. She always has a bandana on her head and her shark tooth necklace.  

Cutie Mark: 


Description: A wave with a fin on the top, which means her love for the sea and what's in it. 


Story: When Finnie was older, her best friend Golden Daze took her to the beach as a good-bye present (for which she wasn't aware of at the time) for when she had to perform across Equestria, even as a filly. First thing, Finnie adored the scenery of the beach. The smell, the soft sand on her hooves, the birds chirping in the distance, she really felt at home. Sure, the clouds up in Cloudsdale was her home for a very long time, but the beach felt like something different.


So, after hours of playing in the sand and swimming around in the water, Finnie heard something crying at the bottom of the water. With the hope to find who was crying, her compassionate self hurled herself deep underwater, holding her breath. Soon enough, she was face to face with two baby dolphins. One male, and one female. They were trapped underneath a net, and were crying for help.


Of course, Finnie took the opportunity to save the babies, and she brought them up with her, quick getting a deep breath of fresh air into her lungs. Spotting her nervous friend Daze, she was erupted by questions. Finnie just shrugged, saying, "I felt like I was meant to go and save these little buggers." And soon her flank flashed. A wave with a fin, for her passion towards the water and the life in it. 


Sadly though, as she went to check on her new friends, she turned to see Daze gone, without saying a word. They ended up meeting again way into the future, but she was heartbroken for a while.



~Outside Information~

Family: Dad (Pegasus) High Voltage, Mom (Pegasus): Cloud Buster, Sister (Pegasus): Hyper Drive



Occupation: Sea Animal Performer

Residence: In a big cabin on the beach of Horseshoe Bay. 



Character Personality: Quiet, but not shy, Finnie is probably the most calm pony you'd ever meet. She's normally very relaxed, and enjoys what life has brought for her. She goes with the flow, unless it's something entirely new. She tends to overthink situations she isn't familiar with, and being her introverted self, she never really says when she's nervous. She just keeps to herself until is builds up. Finnie is also a great listener, and is incredibly generous. She'd probably give up all her organs if she had to. If any of her friends need something, she'd be there and get it for them in a blink of an eye, even if it hurts her. Though she doesn't talk much, when she does, it's very comforting, thoughtful, and generally knows the right things to say in almost all situations. She has a tender voice, with a slight Austrialian accent, which she get's from her momma, and her dolphins actually respond better with it. She is very respectful of her animals, and cares for them dearly. She'd really do anything for them. She is also very athletic, though her small wings barely get her off the ground, she is an amazing swimmer, and it really makes her mind cool off. If she's overwhelmed, she'll go in the water. She's also a huge hippie, and sometimes seems like the "head in the clouds" type. Finnie can be always seen with her small smile and a heart big enough for all to see.


Unique Traits: The main thing is that her wings are smaller than normal pegasi, and though she can barely get off the ground, she uses her wings as fins when she's swimming in the water. She has a slight Australian accent, from her crazy momma, and is a very, very, very, good swimmer. She can also talk to underwater animals. 


History:  Finnie was born in Cloudsdale, not too far from their home. Her mom, Cloud Buster, and her father had really high hopes for their daughter. Too much hope. The two parents were excellent fliers, her mom being an Air Sprinter, and her father being a Wonderbolt. Though she was born with small wings, her parents still thought she could make a comeback, and her wings would grow into a normal size.


Finnie was always the quiet girl, and when she was enrolled as a small filly into flight school, she was genuinely nervous. It was rare to see her off the ground, as such, it was hard for her to fly. Nopony really noticed her either, she was just in the background, though she didn't really complain. This was until she met a cute, rambunctious filly named Golden Daze. Those two hit it off well, both tomboys and messy, but also, personality wise, complete opposites. 


At this time, her baby sister was born. She was a hyper little thing too, and Finnie loved her to death. The two sisters, and Daze, became very close growing up, and their mother loved seeing them all getting along together.




A year later, their father mysteriously left the family. Their mom, with a broken heart, and her sister being a little lost, Finnie had to be the confident lead in the family for a little while.


Throughout the years, Finnie never got her cutie mark. She was a really late bloomer, and never was passionate about flying like her family. She felt she wasn't born to fly, but born to swim. She found that out way later in life, when she was out of the clouds. Daze took her to the beach and she fell in love. After meeting her pet dolphins, Mr. Bubbles and Sprout, she began training them with tricks. Sooner or later, she had her own stadium built from her competitions, and now she holds animal performances there in Horseshoe Bay.


A little growing up photo for reference: 



Character Summary: Sea Salt is a relaxed, calm pony with a heart of gold and a need for some sand in her hooves. 

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