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"Citadel, this is Bastion 1 Actual, come back."


"Bastion 1 Actual, Citadel reads you 5 by 5."


"Citadel, good copy.  Be advised, eyes on AO, rolling into valley from the South-west." 


"Bastion 1 Actual, acknowledged. From what you can tell, uh, what's the status of the settlement?"


"Citadel, settlement has gone dark. Could be an issue with the Spectra Grid. Break."




"Citadel, back on net.  Eyes on large illumination in roughly the, uh, the center of the settlement." 


"Bastion 1 Actual, Afirm.  Proceed to phase line and dismount."


Lunar: Shadow of Equestria

     Welcome to the alternative future of MLP, a world which we took but a small glimpse into during the infamous season finale.  A lot has changed since Nightmare Moon's segment of the episode, centuries of darkness and restrictions on magic have lead to leaps in technology for pony kind.  The Princess of The Night and her new government have also risen a large conventional military, branching off into differing sections of service to defend the Republic.  YOU will play as a Lunar Ranger, an operator apart of a small corps of personnel that specializes in combating magical threats.  To get an idea of what the Rangers and their sister branches of capable of, along with other bits of world info, I suggest you read the document below before creating a character.




     Welcome back, now that you've been acquainted with your friendly forces, and a few of your hostile ones, you can now effectively create a character.  Please post them below before the start of the rp.  We'll be taking roughly five members for this operation, with myself included in that number.  Our team will be responding in support of a company of Lunar Guard Tactical Troopers.  After a number of mysterious happenings occur while the company is investigating a settlement, our team will be inserted to not only find missing squads but also discover what exactly is happening their. 






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