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(Open) a gift from above? (Ponyville)


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It was a clear night, not a single cloud in the sky. The air was a little cool but barely needing a jacket yet. Winter was comming but it was still a ways off. in some places one could hear bats chirping as tehy made their nightly hunts, while the insects buzzed and chirped their own melody.


But then, there was a bright twinkle in the sky, and everything fell silent. the bats fell silent, the insects fell silent, even the breeze stopped...


then a loud whistling could be heared, followed by a bright almost blinding glow before...




The hill was no more, dirt and rocks thrown in all directions, leaving behind a massive crater... and inside it was a still glowing chunk of rock....





It seems to almost call out to you... to everycreature.... what is it? where did it come from? what was going to happen...?

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