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(Open)Tuning and Practicing... (Ponyville)


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S39 Livery badge - Warwick bear  ragged - Handelsgillet

Jasper the Dragon



The morning had been surprisingly quiet. The only real noise was the birds in the trees singing. Though that wouldn't last long...


a now-slightly-more-familiar dragon walked through the streets to the park, a guitar case slung over his sholdier and a large square case on his claws, with a satchel slung across his sholdier. He made his way to under a tree and unslung the satchel and guitar, setting them and the case down on the grass. He opened the satchel and took a large cable from it, opening the case to reveal a suprisingly nice and well-cared-for Fetlock Pegacaster in a shade that matched his darker scales. he carefully plugging the cable into the bottom of the guitar and opened the large case to reveal a portable amp, which he plugged the other end of the cable into, flipping hte switches on the top, setting the volume to a surprisingly low 4/20 as he slipped the guitar around his sholdiers and sat down with his head very close to the amp, plucking a single string, then adjusting the tention, taking care to make sure all the strings were properly tuned


Once it was tuned, he turned the speaker away from him and cranked it to 20 and hit a power chord


The large flock of birds taking to the air from all around could be seen from across the town, and everyone in the park turned towards the dragon in the band shirt as he began to play, and sing, though the vocals were more than a little lost among the guitar...


Needless to say parents were covering their foals' ears (and folding their own as tightly against their skulls as they could) while they hurried out of the park...
When it finished jasper smiled to himself "and that is how we clear a room" he chuckled as he turned it back down to about half volume and began strumming again, though this time he seemed less like he was playing a full song as he was just going through some chords and bars trying to find a good sound.
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