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(Open) Flight Training (Canterlot)


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3495bb0b76bdbdde8d6adbcac8d98299-d57cxg0.png                                     Rainbow Dash as herself (Vector) by Chrzanek97

Princess Twilight Sparkle                Rainbow Dash


The streets of canterlot were bustling with activity. Ponies comming and going from work, eating, shopping, or just waundering around, enjoying the city and taking pictures. It was a rather typical and picturesque day inside the country's capital city...


...Outside though...


A purple dot kept circling around the peaks around the mountains, while a light blue pegasus stood on a hilltop, occasionally flying upwards into the sky a ways, holding a megaphone and shouting instructions


"Good! Good! Build up some speed, then break free to shoot yourself forward!" called dash over her megaphone.


Twilight gritted her teeth and nodded, all the while thinking to herself 'why am I doing this? I'm the one in charge, I can say no!' and yet, despite thoughts like these, every time that rainbow insisted that she needed training, despite all the scrapes, bruises, broken bones, and lost teeth, she kept ignoring her better judgement and listening to the technicolor mare


The alicorn broke out of the tight circles, her head feeling like it was still spinning and a little bit dizzy (not to mention a little sick to her stomach)  and began angling down. She felt the air stinging at her face and body, the burning pain in her wings. But even so she felt the air start to gather around her hooves! It was the first step that dash had been pushing her towards for so long. She pushed harder, and harder, trying to shape the air... then... suddenly...!


"AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" twilight screamed in pain and tumbled from the sky as one of her wings cramped up so hard she couldn't unfold it.


Fortunately for twilight, and all of equestria, the fastest pegasus in the world was on standby and  while she did let twilight have some tumbles in the air and a couple seconds of absolute terror, she sped in and saved her friend long before the alicorn would have become a purple smear on the ground.


Twilight's eyes and mouth were still squeezed shut both from the pain and the terror when dash lay her down on one of the  patches of ground outside the city


"I keep telling you, you have to pace yourself, if you just dump everything you have into it, this will keep happening..." chided the cerulean mare with a sigh as she carefully began massaging twilight's wing, waiting for the alicorn to relax enough to be able to speak or even open her eyes...

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