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Roleplay Type: World Of Equestria

Name: Angel

Sex: Male

Age:  Teen

Species: Equestrian Bunny

Coat: White

Tail: White

Physique: It may not be obvious, but quite sleek for an Equestrian Bunny. 

Residence: Ponyville Outskirts

Occupation: First mate of the Fluttershy Brigade. Pet. 

Unique Traits: Bunny Sign. Not entirely unique for the species, but it’s not like ponies know it. It's the main form of communication by the bunnies with vocals proceeding it.  

History: Angel was never like the others. He was more aggressive, adventurous, outgoing. It didn't fit the lifestyle of a normal rabbit. But what's a small rabbit going to do outside his kind? Luckily, he found an escape. A pony named Fluttershy, one who could understand basically all animals, including Bunny sign. Sure, it's not quite adventurous as he would like, but it sure is more exciting and interesting, and he would basically die for her.

Character Personality: Rough and Tough. It can't entirely be sure whether or not he is holding back or not. No one messes around with his pony. Sometimes he can't entirely be sure when to let his guard down, this can cause negative socialisation among others. It doesn't help that most don't know sign and Bunny's can't really speak.

Character Summary: He’s a Bunny. But he’s not that kind of bunny. Sometimes he doesn't wish he was a bunny at all. But at the same time, it's all he ever knew and really, could it possibly be worse?


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Aggressive Bunny Boop.

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