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Perla Serale (WIP)

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Name: Perla Serale Bandoni


Sex: Female


Age: Young Adult:


Species: Areion


Eye colour: Bloody red.


Character Colour: Navy blue.


Mane/Tail/Other: A long, bushy mass of hot pink hair, with tail being similar. Perla doesn't take much care in them aside from keeping them clean. Their 'blast from 20 years ago' look is completely natural.


Physique: While she is fit - as expected for the army officer - her voluptuous hindquarters may give other ponies different ideas. Her physical capabilities are completely average.


Residence: Depending on assigment. Her family home in in Neighples.


Occupation: Lieutenant Colonel of the Equestria's Royal Air Force.


Cutie Mark: A chessboard, with numerous planted swords and spears looming over it.


Unique Traits:


Military Genius: While most would be puzzled how such young mare could advance in the military ranks so quickly, those in the know realize that it's due to her mind being comparable to great conquerors of the past. While most military planners specializes in either strategy or tactics, Pearla possesses intuitive understanding of both. From Grand-Strategy to Combat-Theory - all levels of military thinking are open to her. This became especially apparent during Storm King invasion, when forces under her command where one of the few that weren't completely routed - with her winning against enemy with five times more numerous enemy - an accomplishment that earned her three-rank promotion by Princesses themselves.


Cultural Analysis: Pearlas battle plans aren't made straight from thin air. Being a single child of prospering itailian family, allowed Serale early contact with literature and arts from numerous places of the world - giving her her insight into way of thinking of different species/cultures. Once she joined the military academy, Bandoni learned to weaponize those insights, spotting the conceptual blind spots and making brilliant plans to exploit them. This made her the first cadet that became undefeated in the Academy War Games in the last three centuries.


Charismatic Leadership: All this genius wouldn't be for much if Perla wouldn't be able to convince those serving under her to submit to her lead. Luckily for her, her ability to understands other's mind, as well as her fervent patriotism allow her to project a presence that makes others follow her to Tartarus and back.





Character Personality:


Character Summary:




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