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Roleplay Type: Friendship Is magic  

Name: Starburst Sparkle

Sex: Female

Age: Filly

Species: Pegasi - Citizen of the sky

Eye colour: Purple

Coat: Yellow 

Mane/Tail: Blue, pink and purple

Physique: Shes short.... but shaped just right

Residence: Ponyville
Occupation: Starburst loves to spend her extra time with her guy friends. She may have a crush on just one of them...
Cutie Mark:   mlp one shot - about Flashlight children - Wattpad
Unique Traits: She loves to swim, and play games. There's nothing unique about her, at least not to our understanding

History: Starburst is the daughter of twilight sparkle and Flash, if you didnt already know that of course. When she was born her mother cast a protection spell on her. So she didn't end up like aurora am i right? Im just kidding. She put a protection spell on her because at the time. There was an enemy they were trying to defeat at the time and letting them get to her was a huge risk at the time. So soon after she cast the protection spell her mother became very stressed about her protection and thought of a lot of possibilities of her death or injury. So she made her invisible. The spell was sat on starburst for 4 years. After they defeated them which only took 1 week, The spell was still on the child and it lasted for 4 years. Otherwise Twilight would have lifted the spell. But she couldnt. She took 2 years doing research to try to see her little girl. But she had to stop. Her parents learned to accept the fact that their daughter was stuck like that for a few years. But starburst didnt. She became angry. And once she regain her visibility she decided to lash out on the person who made her mother do it, The evil changeling, Queen (formerly) Chrysalis.  Her anger drove her to begin to search for the evil...whatever she is. But soon she stopped the search and began to look on the bright-side. She was regular again. She began to go to school, and she tried to make friends, But the girls didnt accept her. They thought she was weird and called her names. She never told her mother or father about the bulling and decided to deal with it on her own. She joined a group of boy friends. And they had her since. Their names were, Prism bolt, Lunar Eclipse, Burning moon, and Thunder bolt. They stuck together like glue. But she had a huge crush on Prism bolt and she never showed any signs of her crush. 

Character Personality: She is light hearted, Over protective, brave, Chatty, funny, leadership-sssm (Or something _._)

Character Summary: She is an excellent pony and wants nothing but the love of her family and to protect them.




Next Generation: Starburst by kilala97 on deviantART daughter of ...


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Sorry for the delay! Bus life and all lately.

So, to get to work on this here app. You would need to find players for both Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry who'd okay this, or app them yourself. We tend to shy away from having children of canon characters unless there is agreement among interested parties. As for the history, we try to follow the plot of FiM as a standard and then leap from there. By the end of FiM, Chrysalis is in stone. So unless you had a Chrysalis player who okays it, or you app Chrysalis yourself and include this as part of her story, we'd need to change that.

The character personality seems on point well enough though! How would you like to approach changes?

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Hi! Checking in to see if you're still working on this app? No rush, just a check 🙂

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Please response here within 3 days if you'd like to keep working on this app :) If no response is made the app will be moved. Thank you!

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