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I have some questions, please.


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Hello hello!

I just joined this site to try and get back into My Little Pony Role Play after years of more or less not doing any, and am currently trying to remake one of my OCs so I can start RPing again. While doing so, a couple questions had popped into my mind.


  • Back in the day when I first created my OC, I basically just said that she came from the Pony equivalent of France. Now that I joined this place, I couldn't help but notice on the map in the RP World section that there is indeed a place called Prance. Is it good to assume that it's just that? And if so, is there a way I can get more infos about Prance itself, not just Calnais? I would really maintain the idea of my OC coming from a France-like land. 


  • I don't know how to draw at all. I'm really bad at it. Is there still a way for me to get refs for my OCs? Be it character creators online or artists that take commissions for cheap, as long as it looks good, I'm down for anything!


Thanks in advance for your reply!

Edit: another question just popped up, if you don't mind me adding it:

  • If an OC of mine gets approved for World of Equestria Role Play, can I also use it for Free for All? And if so, do I need to post it in both the WOE Character Application and  in the FFA Character Sheets?
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Another question came to my mind
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For some reason this thread didn't mark for me. My apologies sugarcube!

1- You can totally be from Prance. As for additional information, it is open- beyond what we have, the sky is the limit on what you want bring in in terms of France=Prance.
2- We have a number of artists who do good work. An idea might be Rainbow Foxxy- she does amazing work!
3- It is approved for FFA in that circumstance. Also, you do not need to post it again in the FFA character sheets.

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