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Silver Haze [ready]

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Silver Haze



Roleplay Type: WoE
Name: Silver Haze
Gender: Mare 
Age: Adult
Species: Pegasus
Eye colour: Blue
Coat: Lavender 
Mane/Tail: White/light blue
Physique: Athletic 
Residence: Nomadic (Steel Wings)
Occupation: gang member
Cutie Mark: A silver wing engulfed in a blue flame, which she got from doing some flight stunts. Hart talent is stunt flying.
Unique Traits: A tattoo of her father's Cutie Mark on her neck. Wears a denim jacket with an emblem that signifies her membership in The Steel Wings.

History: Silver Haze grew up with her mom and dad Radiance and Swift Lightning. She loved her dad more than anything. After she got her cutie mark (first in her class. booyeah), she got a little sister Silver Bolt. She was excited to have a sister. They spent a lot of time together, and were pretty close. But never as close as she was with dad.... which made it all that much harder when he got sick. He had a heart attack, and stayed in the hospital, but just didn't seem to be getting better.... he was on his deathbed. He pulled his foals in to tell them each he loved them. Gave them each one final piece of advice.
His advice for Silver Haze was "Haze, I need you to be strong. Your little sister is counting on you. You're the toughest little filly I know. Don't let anypony ever tell you who to be. You be you, and make things happen."
Then he spoke with Bolt. But Haze wasn't hearing, cause she was reflecting on his words.
The machines started beeping and doctors rushed in. She wanted to see what was going on, but-
She walked home that day by herself. She needed time to think. She knew her dad was right. She needed to be herself. Unapologetically and firmly herself. And nopony was going to stand in her way.
She decided there and then that she was going to find her own way.
But she couldn't leave yet... Bolty still needed her.
After a month or so. One day. Bolt came home with a few new scars... but something else, too.
She had her cutie mark!  
"Turns out, I can take care of myself, huh, Haze?" She said.  
"You sure can."
Not long after, she left a note and left the home in the middle of the night (She didn't know, but bolt watched her quietly and said nothing).
After a while on her own, she encountered The Steel Wings. They saw that she was alone and doing quite well for herself. So they asked her if she wanted to join them. Well, she thought being in that gang would be pretty cool, so naturally she said yes. Since then, she's been really bonding well with her new family, and particularly with the leader, Steel Wing, who is like a father to her.
Character Personality: Tough, outgoing but emotionally guarded, adventurous and a little reckless. 
Character Summary: Silver Haze is a thrill-seeking, tough-as-nails pegasus who loves living the gang life with her gang family of The Steel Wings. Her best friend and mentor, Steel Wing is like a father to her. She enjoys spending time with her fellow members and the many ponies they interact with.





Disclaimer: This OC belongs to a friend of mine who has given me permission to rp her on this site. We came up with her together tho so I guess she's also partly mine in a way.

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