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(Open)Enjoying the Season


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Winter Spike by CloudyGlow

Spike the Dragon 


The sound of holiday music in the air, along with all the various smells from cinnamon to pine, to peppermint was enough to set anyone in the mood for Hearthswarming, the added decorations and all the market stalls offering everything from expensive jewelry to candy really cemented that holiday warmth - despite the snow that was pushed tot he sides of the streets or was clinging to the roofs of houses and canopies. 


The little dragon was walking down the paths in the market with a satchel slung over his sholdier - officially he was here to deliver some royal letter for Twilight, but unofficially he was looking for a gift for her, since she missed the town that she had spent years saving and making friend in... of course there was also the not-insignificant hope that he would bump into a certain somepony here... but while ever-present in the scalie's mind, it wasn't at the forefront right now as he sipped on his mug of hot cocoa, occasionally looking around and tapping one of the marshmallows so if bobbed down below the surface and back up... trying to find a gift for his friend that not only wasn't something she would likely find in canterlot, but specifically would make her thing of ponyville... so far he was coming up short... but he was sure he would find something soon! Atleast, he hoped he would....

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