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(Open) A Quick Break...


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Princess Twilight Sparkle



The grounds around the castle were  lovely this time of the year, a thin dusting of snow covered everything off the beaten path (and sometimes the path itself!) the light of the sun glistening off the crystalized snow, gently weighing down the trees, though not covering the benches of the gardens where ponies occasionally visited to see the various rare -or atleast semi-rare- plants that were kept on a sort of display... But all this was disturbed with a flash and the sound of a teleport.


Twilight appeared outside the castle walls, in the garden, wearing her dark purple hooded cape, the fabric trailing down and covering her wings while the hood was up to cover her horn. She shivered as she looked down and realized she had appeared in a patch of snow. With a quiet awkward chuckle she stepped onto the path and a magenta glow smoothed out the patch of snow she had been standing in "Good as new" she commented


Looking around she let out a quiet sigh "Doesn't look like anypony's around, that's good. I hate lying to my staff like that, but I just had to get away for a few minutes" her mind traveled back to just before when she headed into her private magical laboratory, telling her guards and the scientists that she was going to be performing an experiment using dangerous magics - to not disturb her and to ignore any explosions... that usually bought her about a half hour before they would check in to make sure she was ok... and that she hadn't disappeared again... There were some things about being a princess that really ate at her - like how every time she even went to another room her whole staff wanted to know where she was - and often wanted to send guards with her even inside the castle! Did Celestia always get followed by disguised guards? Did the staff not think Twilight was as capable? It wasn't like she had missed more than three deadlines in the last six months or so, she was at least as punctual as Celestia, probably more so... but she still felt the need to get some time to herself, especially outside the castle!


Pushing these thoughts from her mind, the princess of friendship began walking along the path, taking a moment to enjoy the weather and the privacy... atleast, for now...





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