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Sailing Ships at Sea for Somepony and Me [[OOC]]

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The title says much of it, I suppose.


Looking for somepony (or somecreature) who needs a sail.


I kind of want more excuses to play my sailor character, Windward Breeze. He goes all over, so he could feasibly have reason to be basically anywhere that isn't land-locked. Although my character is supposed to be pretty well versed on lands outside Equestria, and their customs, I'm not. So if you do join me, you'll have to give me some leeway for mistakes, but I'll be 100% open to your criticisms.


non-pony creatures are very welcome, and starting anywhere there's a harbor. His home is in Baltimare, but he travels. He's not physically impressive, but he holds his own, and he's actually got a little something of a name for himself for it. He also has a reputation for being abnormally friendly for a sailor. You can introduce yourself as having heard of him, or not, and we can even talk about having had previews interactions if you think it's at all likely. 

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