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Carrot Cake (Cast) [WIP]

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Carrot Cake

(Mr. Cake)


Roleplay Type: WoE
Name: Carrot Cake (goes by Mr. Cake)
Gender: Stallion
Age: Middle-aged Stallion
Species: Earth Pony
Eye colour: Green
Coat: yellow
Mane/Tail: orange
Physique: Lanky
Residence: Ponyville
Occupation: Baker and business pony. 
Cutie Mark: three frosted carrot cakes
Unique Traits: Mr. Cake is a very well-versed business pony with a proclivity for baked goods. He may be a bit of a nerd, but nopony can say he's not knowledgeable. 


Character Personality: Mr. Cake is a quirky nerdy stallion with a passion for baking and a head for business. While he's not nearly as much of a ponies pony as his wife, he can certainly be friendly.
Character Summary: Mr. Cake has always wanted to own a big baking company. He works toward dream all the time. While his wife is more content just serving the ponies of Ponyville, he has big dreams. He tries to always put his best hoof forward, and often puts more on his haunches than he can handle alone. He stresses easy and worries a lot. His wife is his rock. She keeps him sane and helps him relax when he's stressing out too much. He knows he would be lost without her. He likes to focus much of his attention and energy, when he's not occupied with his children, with the ins and outs of the baking business, finding all the ways he can to help his and his wife's business boom and improve their reach in Ponyville and even beyond.

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How's this app coming along sugarcube? Need more time?

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oof I forgot I started this. I really ought to finish it, since i already have Mrs Cake, I just haven't felt any motivation to. :/

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