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Travelling expensives are...*sigh* included. (Open, Canterlot)

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Ridge sighed softly as he leaned back, his eyes closed as he waited in his little private booth of the hotel bar/eating area that he was staying at. The trip from Griffonstone hadn't been all that long and already he had set up an appointment with the current pony princess to meet with her within the next couple of days. After all as critical as he viewed his current situation, showing a degree of curtsy  would certainly make a good impression and help him strive to get the result that he was after.


It also allowed him the chance to do a bit of head hunting for his company and goals. The Heart's Warming Incident had proven that while the mining itself could easily be left to the locals, security was going to require him reaching out for employees who had the correct skill set while completely lacking the possibility of being compromised by loyalties towards the so called 'Emperor'... or failing that, friends and family who supported him. He would not have another one of his caravans go missing to that deluded catbird again! So he had put out an ad in a couple of Equestrian papers in Canterlot and settlements within reasonable traveling distance, offering employment at Prosperity Mining alongside the coverage of travel costs.


The idea of spending more of his horde to relocate creatures had stung him deeply, but he needed people he could count on to be loyal to him who weren't stupid enough to just go 'Oh okay' when some random griffons walked up and said they would take this shift.


Those ads were not the only advertisement he had put out either.


Having had a much more... familiar connection with the seedier parts of Equestria then most, Ridge had quietly put the word out on the Underworld's version of a community advertisement board.  He had money. He had a problem. He was willing to part with the former in order to acquire the services of someone willing to take care of the latter in a subtle manner.


The nets were cast out. The dragon just had to wait and see what he dragged in.

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