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DID Characters Streak Wing, Bridle Runway, Kevin [WIP] (see app for details)

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Foreword: I wasn't sure whether to make three seperate applications or one app for all three as this group of characters is a unique circumstance. These characters are all alters for one pony with Dissociative Identity Disorder. Basically, three characters who all inhabit one body. They cooperate and compromise to coexist in their shared body. Please bear with me on the formatting and such as this is a new thing, and I'm not 100% sure how to go about it. Advice and pointers are more than welcome.


Roleplay Type: WoE

Names: Streak Wing, Bridle Runway, and Kevin

SW: Mare

BR: Stallion

K: Agender

(their body is female)
Age: Young adult
Species: Pegasus

[I'm still tweaking their appearance, so this part will remain blank for now]
Eye colour: 
Physically fit. athletic build.
Residence: Manehattan

SW: Athlete. Mostly buckball.

BR: Runway Model

K: protector of the other two. No "real" job.
Cutie Marks:

SW: A stylized wing

BR: A red carpet descending from a star with velvet ropes on either side

K: A black shield. 
Unique Traits: The cutie mark on their flank is dependant on who is surfaced. Whichever alter is currently in control is the one who's cutie mark shows. Sometimes, when the alters fight over control, the cutie mark kind of becomes a strange mix of the ones in question.

SW: Streak is a very talented sports pony who's drive to compete is only matched by her laid back attitude elsewhere. She loves competing and will knock the socks off anypony who dares to challenge her. What she makes up for in athletic prowess, she lacks in poise and social aptitude. She hates crowds and when there isn't a game to demand her attention, audiences make her incredibly nervous.

BR: Bridle, on the other hoof, is a socialite at heart. He loves attention. He is very good at navigating social situations and is a master of grace under pressure. However, he has about the athletic prowess of a deflated balloon.

K: Kevin is kind of a mystery. They never talk, and even Streak and Bridle are convinced they're mute. They've never really expressed an interest in anything, or a passion for anything except for the safety of the three's body, and the emotional well-being of their body-mates. Which they take more seriously than Bridle takes personal hygiene. Kevin only surfaces when they percieve a threat to their body-mates' safety. In fact, Kevin is just the first name Streak came up with and they didn't argue.


Character Personalities: 

SW: laid back, but driven when it comes to sports.

BR: A little uptight about his appearance. Especially his mane.

K: very suspicious, wound tight, a powder keg just waiting for a match. Doesn't speak, probably mute. 

Character Summaries: 




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Would you like more time to complete this app? :)

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Yes. I also forgot about this one. I'll have to figure something out for it in the near future, but I should be getting to it.

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