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It's Time For An Expedition!

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It feels like it was just yesterday when I stumbled in here, whipped up a character, and tossed her haplessly into a chaotic stew of horsewords to see if she'd sink or swim. Thankfully, what we all expected to happen is what happened. ;)


In any case, those of you whose characters have had encounters with Rose Compass (not to be mistaken for Compass Rose) may be aware that she's putting together a team that's wholely unnecessary for herself to travel into the heart of the scarriest forest to ever grace rainbow horse land. I speak, of course, of Whitetail Woo- oh, what's that? That's the good one? Why don't we ever use it, then? Whatever. The Everfree! 


Rose is an ambitious 'young' alchemist with world-shaking ideologies. If she has her way, no living creature will ever suffer the cold embrace of death... Unless they so choose to. To this end, she's discovered the hydra, a creature absent from her aquatic home and a target of interest for her research into cellular regeneration. 


Over the course of a few interactions, she recruited:


Aloe- yes, the spa pony. Why bring a spa pony with no combat or field experience into known danger? Because she knows she can protect her from just about any and all harm. She was considerate enough to even give her a role in this little event, that of a stress releiver. Charging into the unknown can really role your nerves, so having a professional around that can ease your woes is handy to have onboard.


Compass Rose (maybe)- A bat pony with a suspiciously sunny complexion, 'Compass' is ideal for navigation as a dedicated cartographer with a photographic memory. While she's uncertain about the prospect of actually fighting a four story tall multi-headed acid-spitting spec predator, her worries are mostly unfounded. Mostly


Scarlet & Crew-  Rose doesn't know too much about this one except that she seems to know what she's doing. She also has her own airship and the ponies to run it, an invaluable resource that Rose is banking on using for ease of travel. She's really hoping to use the airship instead of travelling on hoof. 


Tiger Blood- "Hey tiger" is what she would say if she were completely shameless (like one of her own brood in an alternate timeline.) Found at the wedding between Blueblood and his loves (plural), Rose found a comrade in him, or at least a decent conversation partner. Eager to get the blood pumping, she'd be remiss to leave him out. Let's just hope he doesn't get too rowdy, though. 


Honorable mentions:


Arctic- I, personally, haven't seen him in action yet, but he has a spot here nonetheless if he wants it. All hooves on deck, amiright?



Okay! So that sums up introductions, if anyone has any inquiries or misgivings, you can submit them here and take a number from the totally-not-a-grenade ticket counter ~


If anyone new wants to join... Pitch in here, but be aware that the crowd is already rather large as it is. At least in my opinion. Still, this is aaaaalll open!

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