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Roleplay Type: WoE
Name: Bluepage
Gender: Female
Age: Older filly
Species: Unicorn
Eye colour: Green
Coat: Purple
Mane/Tail: Similar to Twilight's but longer and wilder. Mostly royal blue with a thick pink stripe down the middle.
Physique: A little on the petite side. Dark gray splotches on her front left and back right hooves. Jagged lines instead of the normal spiral on her horn.
Residence: The School of Friendship
Occupation: Student at the School of Friendship. Helps Cheerily at the school and writes in her free time.
Cutie Mark: 
Unique Traits: She can create illusions, though they're often finicky. She can also materialize strings that she uses to carry things,  basically invisible ropes she can make visible at any moment.

History: Bluepage was born in Canterlot, where her mother died soon after her birth. She never knew her dad. Her older sister, Lily Pad, raised and cared for her in a small cottage near the Everfree forest. She quickly aced school but never showed much interest in learning more until the occupation of writing came into her life. Despite being perfectly content with her stories and imaginary friends, Lily Pad quickly became concerned that Bluepage was lonely. So she sent her to the School of Friendship, despite her wishes. She passes with flying colors in everything except for assignments that require her to cooperate with others. Those she begrudgingly gets through, barely getting good marks. Noticing her behavior (and the fact that she always sat alone at lunch), her teachers entered her into a club. She now reluctantly participates in the News Club.

Character Personality: A bit reluctant to really get into conversations with other ponies but if you get her trust and liking, you will become her new best friend. Imaginative, inventive, comedic (when she's actually comfortable around somepony). Often aloof. Special quirk: even if she's half asleep, she will always hear what someone is saying to her. It's her secret to success in school.
Character Summary: Bluepage can be a great friend if you break through her wall. She will always be up to talking about anything and will care, even if it's generally not her problem. Often reluctant to talk about herself or her ideas, but if she really considers you her friend and you ask specifically about something she likes, she will talk your ear off.

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How's this app coming along? Need more time? :)

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