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Areion Elite Flying Team

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Hey all! I am getting ready to start an elite flying team, similar to the Wonderbolts, but with areions instead (I imaging bat ponies experience at least a little discrimination [y'know, because they inspire fear] and so would not be able to join the Wonderbolts or even the Reserves, not to mention all of the WB drills are during the day, when areion vision is decreased)! The name for the group I'm currently thinking of is the Shooting Stars, but if you have any ideas, please let me know! I'd love to hear them! Anyway, I'll be apping a member hopefully sometime today or tomorrow (4/26/21), but a flier without a team is just a flier. I'd love for someone else to take lead pony on the operation (kind of like Spitfire does), but I can do that if no one else wants to. Anyway, let me know if you're interested!!

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*slides my stupid cocky bat pone over to you*




Thiisss is Nebulous Moon. She's actually a royal guard butttt literally hates her job because she's lazy and instead runs a fight club underneath the streets. 


I bet she could somehow figure out how to sneak away from her post and join this group! She's an amazing athlete and loves to work out and fly (since she's a boxer, she's really acrobatic). She can use this opportunity to better her skills! Also, the name "Shooting Stars" is literally so cute! 

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I mean~ She's pretty good for her standards! All about pushing yourself! 

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