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Hi there!


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About Myself

Hi there! I am Wziela. I am a college student currently studying to get an aircraft maintenance license so I can fix planes professionally. I’ve been roleplaying for a couple years now, but it’s mainly been some informal stuff with friends over Instant Messaging. I’m here because I’ve decided to try my hand at more forum-centric roleplays. I’ve done a couple forum RPs in the past, but I’ve never really been too good at it. So, I figure that it won't hurt to try to improve my skills!

Now, onto some of my interests: I like to watch movies, I like to read, I like to go out fishing, I especially enjoy going out and exploring places I've never been to before.

Uhh... What else? Oh! I'm also interested in almost all things aviation related. :blush:

How I found Canterlot.com

I found Canterlot.com while surfing the web. I was explicitly looking for a MLP roleplay community to join, and I found Canterlot.com because it was mentioned in a forum post on another website (I think it was one of the Poniverse sites). I decided to take a look at Canterlot.com and it seems to be a really nice community, so I decided to join!

How I became a fan of MLP:FiM

Well, I first got into MLP:FiM around half a decade ago. I was originally one of those kids who would laugh in somebody’s face if they told me they liked MLP. But then, I realized that it was not really that honest of me to judge somebody else for liking a show I haven’t even seen. So, I decided to watch the first couple episodes to see what it's about… Then I watched the entire first season… Then the next season… And ultimately, I ended up getting hooked! Go figure. :razz:

My favorite main cast/pony

I’ve always been a sucker for Rainbow Dash. What can I say? She’s cool. 🙃

And here’s the fun part.

Well, I dunno exactly what to put here. So I'll do some fun facts:

  • I took Karate classes for the better part of a decade. Though, I'm probably out of practice by now.
  • My accent is very distinctive, and you'd probably be able to guess where I'm from if you heard it.
  • I'm currently learning to play the guitar, but I'm still a beginner.
  • My favorite movie is Murder on the Orient Express.
  • My favorite TV show (other than MLP:FiM) is Columbo.
  • I like to play tabletop RPGs! I'm currently GMing a Fall of Delta Green campaign with some of my buddies from my college.
  • I like to worldbuild and read about alternate histories.


Thanks for reading! I look forward to roleplaying with you guys!

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Hey, welcome!


Friendly neighborhood Admin here.  If you have any questions on how to navigate the site, integrate into the community, or get started on RP, just shoot me a PM; that's what I'm here for!

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Pleased to meet you! Wow! you're studying aircraft maintenance?? That's so cool!!! What level of degree are you looking to get? And do you have a specific company in mind you want to work for? 


As I've been rewatching the series, I have to agree. Rainbow Dash is probably the best hahaha She's at least 20% cooler than anyone else in the cast ; P


Great to meet you! I hope to get to roleplaying soon!!


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Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone! It's great to meet you all!


To answer your question, Cubbage, the program I'm in will end with me getting an Associate's Degree, but, more importantly, I'll be eligible to take the FAA's test to get an aircraft maintenance license. If I pass the test, I'll be given my license and I'll be allowed to maintain and repair aircraft. I'm hoping to end up working for either JetBlue or American Airlines. They're my two personal favorite airlines, although I do like JetBlue a little more than American.


I'm currently working on a character for the roleplay, and I'll (hopefully) get an application up soon! 🙂

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That's super cool! I'm graduating with my associate's in Liberal Arts at the end of this summer, so that makes me a little jealous hahaha Good for you!! That's really awesome!!


Oooooh Do let me know when he/she's up! I'd love to do some RP!

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Hey, that's great! It's a pleasure to meet you! Which ttrpgs do you play? I mainly play Fall of Delta Green, but I've been thinking about getting into Traveller or D&D.

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