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hi guys my name is mystic aurora i am new here just kinda found this place. was in the army for a while got out became a firefighter then found my way into truck driving.

im currently about to get a cdl (commercial diving license) not the cdl that allows me to drive trucks (had it since 2017) i can speak a few languages translated for xbox clans before that were international i like alternate history stuff as well as regular history  big fan of ttrpg's as well as regular rpg's if you have any questions feel free to ask   

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Wow! You've got quite the resume! Which languages do you speak?? (sorry, i'm suuuper into linguistics and get really hyped about languages and such hahaha)

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Quite the Impressive list of languages!


I'm Prince Blueblood, resident admin.  I'm the guy you PM if you want any help onboarding the RP forums, guiding through character application, or anything else.


Have fun!

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