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Barbera Grape [WIP]

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Roleplay Type: WoE

Name: Barbera Grape

Gender: Female

Age: Filly (about CMC age)

Species: Earth Pony

Eye color: #209c3c

Coat: #d06d87

Mane/Tail: Styled naturally, similar to Cheerilee's manestyle but messier. #4d4aad

Physique: Average

Residence: She lives in her family's vineyard that's in the Roundbottom Hills. 

Occupation: Viticulturist in training. She helps out around her family's vineyard.

Cutie Mark: A dark-purple grape bunch on its side. [ Work in Progress ]

Unique Traits: Barbera is very good at growing and caring for plants, especially grapes.

History: Barbera Grape is the daughter of two earth pony parents. Her father is Fiano Grape, a noted viticulturist and oenologist, and her mother is Orchard Lily. She has a younger brother named Cortese Grape. The Grape family originally hails from Itaily. However, Barbera's grandparents moved out west to the Roundbottom Hills a couple of decades ago and bought the land that became the family Vineyard.


Barbera grew up in the vineyard, exploring the fields and having fun, usually with her younger brother close in tow behind her. They'd have all sorts of adventures, chasing each other through the fields or playing a prank on one of the farmhands. 


[ Work in Progress ]


Character Personality: Curious and friendly, Barbera loves to meet new ponies. She loves to learn about other ponies' lives and make new friends. She can be a chatterbox at times, and it is easy to get her rambling about various subjects. Especially when it's a subject she cares about. She is extremely curious about the world around her, and she likes to learn new things and read about various topics. Barbera is also very distractable, and when in conversation, she can go off into tangents about Celestia-knows-what. However, she is aware of this, and she's usually is quick with an apology whenever she catches herself doing it. She also has a good sense of humor and is quick with a joke or jab whenever the situation presents itself. Although, she only does it in good fun and doesn't mean to insult or belittle anypony.

Character Summary: A friendly young viticulturist filly who loves to talk and laugh.

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