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Fengari (WiP)

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Name: Fengári


Species: Aerion 


Gender: Male 


Age: Stallion


Eye Color: Red 


Character Color: Dark gray with red markings across his body. 

Mane/Tail: While they largely just hang straight, they end in a more spiky look. Both are fairly long, starting out white and transitioning to pink near the tips. 

Physique: Fengari has a very fit build, surprisingly strong for how lithe he is. Being both the main guardian and leader of his temple left him needing to train hard to accomplish his goals. 

Residence: A temple nearby Hollow Shades, mostly traveling now. 


Occupation: Former temple leader/guardian, now searching for his place again. 


Cutie Mark: A stylized red crescent moon, sharper than typical crescents, showing his devotion to the goddess he ended up creating his temple for and his ability to fight when necessary. 

Unique Traits: Heightened Senses; He was reborn with unusually sharp eyes, cutting through the darkness better than anypony else he’s met. 
Altered Body; As he was from a time long past, his current body only has a few similarities to his original one. He currently inhabits an enhanced version of a bat pony body. 


History: Fengari was born in a town nearby Roam, a relatively small one mostly comprised of the staff of a temple. He grew up among them, learning to be a guardian and priest. Over the years, he visited bigger cities nearby, becoming more and more upset by the suffering of the poor while the rich live excessively. When he was ready, he set out on his own, eventually finding the perfect place to set up in the woods surrounding Hollow Shades. Setting up his own temple to his goddess of the night, he also secretly set up a hideout for his side job. As time progressed, he stole from the rich to give to the poor, building his crew and the staff of his temple in the process. By the time his time was up, he had built up a respectable temple with a small group of thieves to continue his work. 

Many years later, he found himself in a younger body in an unfamiliar library. Looking around, he was standing in the middle of a circle painted on the floor, surrounded by unicorns wearing robes. One of them approached, a strange two-horned mare that explained the magic that went into what happened, and it was apparently the culmination of a long series of experiments into necromancy. While originally summoned to serve her own summoner, he managed to escape and start his life anew. 



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