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Gleamflare [WIP]


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Roleplay Type: WoE

Name: Gleamflare. She is somewhat called 'Prismwing' or 'Aurora Dragon' by her kin. She goes as 'Flare' for friends.

Gender: Female


Age: Young Adult


Species: Dragon


Eye colour: Gold


Character Color: Deep red, garnet colour scales that tend to give opal-like glimmers at certain angles of light. Her yellow coloured horns and claws give similar effects, with clawe also being half-translucent.

Glare's wing meanwhile, deserve a description of it's own.


Physique: Flare is slim, serpentine being - her adult size more invested into sheer length and wingsize then bulk other wyrms posses, with with long neck and even longer tail (which is  twice the length of her torso). A noticeable ridge bisects her underside, with two smaller ridges coming from the arms to fuse with this center ridge to form a diamond shape on her chest. A row of spines run from her head to tail, stopping near the hips. Flare's body is also incredibly flexible, and if not for her ribcage, pelvis and limbs, it wouldn't look that much different from a snake.

Her head is also long, narrow and tapers to a point, at the tip of her lower jaw. She have a pair of large horns, plus additional ridges and spines, making her more 'dangerous' and 'feral' looking then she really is.


Residence: Unlike most dragons, that tend to keep to one place (unless Dragon Migration is happening), Flare is migratory by choice, with consistent path going from southern part of Harridan Mts., to Gallopocus , followed by Ironwreck Island and finally Cavern of Rainbow Dream in Hesperia's central desert. Flare is able to get away with this, because her slender body and flexibility allow her to access deep caverns that other dragon's can't.

Her route is not set in stone either, and dragoness tend to make side-trips to investigate things catch her attention. Also, recently, Flare found herself stopping more at Crystal Empire lands then Harridan, due to the realms crystals being to her dietary liking.



Unique Traits:


Character Personality:

Character Summary:

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