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[SPOILER]Sugar Moonlight [ANG CAST][Ready]


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Roleplay Type: A New Generation

Name: Sugar Moonlight

Gender: female

Age: Adult mare

Species: Earth pony

Eye colour: Rose Red

Coat: Silvery white

Mane/Tail: Peppermint Swirl

Physique: Lithe, very, very pretty

Residence: Maretime Bay

Occupation: Canterlogic Model


Cutie Mark: A Red circle with silver moonrays glowing from it. 

Unique Traits:


Sugar Moonlight has a stunning physique that most ponies would die for. She's got stunning eyes, a radiant mane and tail, and a silvery white coat that makes everything glow. 


She's also a pony that can keep her cool in most situations. She prides herself on being one of the few ponies that didn't run away from Izzy when she came to Maretime Bay. Nevermind the fact that she was already home when she came and didn't have to leave the house again that day, and she heard the screaming and just stayed inside, but hey.




Sugar Moonlight was born several moons ago right here in Maretime Bay. Her mother was named Starry Moonlight, and her father was Solar Eclipse. Ever since she was little the was always among the brightest, and best looking among the class. She was always well behaved in school for the most part. Unlike that Sunny Starscout. She was always going on about how pegasi and unicorns were friendly. As much as she herself would love to believe that, there were to many ponies that were saying otherwise. The masses can't be wrong right? She would never admit it herself, but she always kinda hoped that Sunny would be right, but as the years went on, Sugar only got more and more confirmation of the opposite as Canterlogic became more and more prominent.


She watched as most ponies accepted the way that things were, but Sunny started pressing the peace with Pegasus and unity with Unicorns movent even harder when her father died. Many thought that maybe, as horrible as his untimely death was, that Sunny would snap out of that thought process. Sugar felt bad for her. She'd been misguided so much that she couldn't see anything other than what her father had taught her. She couldn't be held accountable for improper teaching. She tried inviting her over a few times, but at the threat of being ostricised herself, she eventually stopped. 


Instead, Sugar started working at Canterlogic as a model for some of the new devices. It was decent pay, but the better perk was she got to keep what she was modeling. Some of those things got expensive fast, and not having to pay for one was like getting an extra paycheck. If she was being honest though... Without a unicorn or a Pegasus to test and of the stuff on, there wasn't a definitive answer whether this stuff actually did what was advertised. Still, she believed it had to at least help somewhat. She was also kind of confused as to why a device that was supposed to protect them from unicorns made them look like Unicorns. She just presumed that Phyllis knew what she was doing. 


All of that went out the window though one day when a unicorn straight up walked right into Maretime Bay. She was already home when she came, but she heard the screaming and saw the panic. Already being safe at home she locked her door and just stayed away from the windows. She heard that the unicorn had been captured, aand then promtly released by Sunny. She wanted to say that she was surprised, but Sunny had spent her entire life trying to bring the races together so it didn't surprise her in the least. Just kind of disappointed her. If it didn't work, Sunny had just gotten herself exiled, and there wasn't any place outside of Maretime Bay that was safe for earth ponies. 


After that apparently the sheriff had gone after Sunny and her and the unicorn fled. Also not surprising. What was surprising though, was that the momma's boy Sprout had been out in charge. He talked about the unicorns and pegasi could come back for them. He managed to get the entire town to believe that they were in danger. Herself included, but she couldn't help but feel that they were over selling things a bit. Hitch want taken, he went after Sunny, who helped the unicorn escape. The more she though about it, the less she understood. She understood even less when Canterlogic started working on something top secret by Sprout's orders. A lot of things didn't sound right, but everyone else was following him... Almost blindly. Over the course of about three days they went from scared to the brink of war. 


Like everypony else, Sugar fell in line and signed the official sprout act, and followed everypony to the square. She wasn't sure what to expect, but what followed next even surprised her. Both Hitch and Sunny came running back in and she heard Hitch of all ponies echoing what Sunny had been saying. She was completely shocked, and even moreso when he said that they didn't have any magic at all. If that was actually true... Then that changed everything that they knew about well... Everything. Sunny could be right! She started removing the anti-mindreading hat when Sprout says that it was the two of them that had been brainwashed. That they would be next otherwise. At this point... Sugar figured out what was going on. She was going to speak up herself before she watches Sprout hit a button and a giant robot tractor shaped like him came out of the ground. Sugar, not wanting to become splat on the bottom of those treads, said nothing, but she didn't want to participate in genocide either. Sure she was scared of Unicorns and pegasi, but that didn't mean that she wanted to kill them all. 


She watched Hitch and Sunny turn and run, and Sprout start chasing them. Sugar followed in case they needed her help. She might be scared, but she wasn't a killer and she didn't want anything like that associated with her. By the time she caught up she was frozen in her hooves. Sprout was right, but wrong at the same time. The unicorns and the pegasi both did come to Maretime Bay! They immediately said that they were not here to fight though, and she was relieved. That relief turned to disgust though as Sprout ordered them to attack anyway. This was definitely not what she signed up for, and watching everypony struggling to protect one another, all races included was proving Sunny more and more right. 


It was time for her to do her part. She helped get everypony that wasn't directly caught in the crossfire of that contraption away from the battle field. Next thing she knew she looked up and she saw the top of the lighthouse falling, and she could see Sunny and that unicorn still inside. She immediately ran back but had to stop when the dust settled. Tears instantly welled up in her eyes. For everything that Sunny had some, she didn't deserve that. She fell back into her haunches before seeing the dust settle a bit more and Sunny standing up from the rubble, as well as the unicorn. Sugar was filled with relief. She wasn't sure how those two survived, but she was more than glad they did. Besides, she kinda wanted to get to know that unicorn. If she was somepony that Sunny was willing to sacrifice her life for, then she had to be a good pony. 


What she saw next, too her breath away. Seeing the leader of the pegasi approaching Sunny, and then moving something. The unicorn did the same thing. He was a lot bigger than the others so she presumed he was their leader. He also moved something before Phyllis did the same. Then three weird glowy things started orbiting Sunny, lifting her up into the air. She watched Sunny, of all ponies, grow a pair of wings and a horn of light before a massive explosion swept across the land. Next thing she knew, the pegasi were flying again and the unicorns had magic again. All of a sudden, she wasn't sure if that was such a good idea. They had their magic back, and they had nothing to defend themselves with if they were mean... She supposed they would just have to hope that Sunny was right, and so far that's proving to be the case. Maybe these new friends won't be too bad. And if there are mean ones, the good ones will help them, right?


Character Personality:


Sugar Moonlight is fairly quiet, but quite outgoing and can be seen pretty much anywhere in Maretime Bay. From the theater district to the Canterlogic factory. She enjoys spending time with friends and has really gotten into the modeling business, expanding out a bit into fashion modeling since Canterlogic doesn't need to make defense products anymore. She's still a little apprehensive about pegasi and unicorns, but not so much that she won't interact with them. It just takes her a bit to warm up to them. 


Character Summary: 


Sugar Moonlight is a model that lives in Maretime Bay that as of the end of the movie only has a slight wariness about unicorns and pegasi, but will fade over time. 





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