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Hearth's Warming Eve Secret Princess 2021 Sign-up!


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Hello and welcome to the Hearth's Warming Eve Secret Princess (Santa) sign-up! To get involved, list your characters you want to involve and what sort of gifts they may want. You are under no obligation to list gifts, nor get the gifts listed if you get that character, but it helps. To participate, your character(s) must be in Ponyville OR be capable of being around Ponyville OR a nearby settlement during Hearth's Warming Eve. There is certainly a party open to all that you may attend if nothing else, so nocreature should have an issue coming up with a good cause to be around town.


Sign-ups last until November 28th. I will then draw the names and inform everyone in private who they have. The Hearth's Warming Eve event will start on the 5th of December and last until January 2nd. There are still a few small things being worked on, but sign-ups may begin now.


Chipper Demise 

Prince Blueblood

Berry Punch


Jade Breaker

Ice Storm
Wind Dancer


Tiger Blood











Strong Copper

Strong Copper

Spearmint Sovereign


Granola Gracie



Morning Glow


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I’ll put Midnight and Blizzard in. On the fence about bringing Luna.


Both Midnight and Blizzard like books. Blizzard is more a spell book pony where as Midnight likes action and adventure books. 

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Discord has to be there.


I think I'll bring in Morning Glow and Valence since they live at the school.


Cloudfeather because she hasn't had enough love from me lately.


Discord honestly just wants to be noticed. The more expensive and eccentric the gift, the more he'll like it. But whatever you do, don't get him socks. Unless you're Fluttershy, in which case literally anything will send him over the moon.


Morning Glow is the sort who won't be very satisfied no matter what she gets, but you're usually safe with a book of some kind, especially one on magic.


Valence would love some ingredients for his chemistry set and potions.


Cloudfeather isn't too particular. She really likes clouds, so pretty much anything related to the weather will make her holiday.


If anyone wants to do specific RPs, I can add and/or subtract ponies as needed.

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Well. Time to really cross my lines up.

Windwright and Honeywing will both be in attendance.

Honeywing is just happy to be back in Ponyville in time to attend, and will probably sneak himself into some kind of administrative minutia at some point.

Windwright is still going to be missing the ingredients for a few of the potions they generally feel more comfortable having than not, but neither they (nor I) expect anypony to both know how to cultivate and harvest them, or that they're in need. So probably a scarf/hat combo :P

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