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Sugar-Dusted Rainclouds (Icy, Open)


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~~~Sugar Moonlight~~~




Sugar smiled warmly as the other mare took her seat next to her. Hey smile broadened a bit as she felt Gloomy lean against her and she felt just how warm and soft she was. She could also feel just got exhausted the poor mare actually was. She was already starting to doze off and the sight was extremely cute. Taking a risk to presume that Gloomy didn't normal sleep in her scarf and beret, Sugar very carefully removed them with her hooves. She folded the scarf gently, and then placed both it and the beret on her end table before leaning back onto the bed, letting Gloomy lay back with her before placing her hooves around her shoulder and snuggling into the other mare, putting her head under hers as she to started to doze off. Sure she forgot to pull back the blankets, but that didn't matter to get right now. Gloomy's warmth would get her through the night. "Nighty... Niiiiight....." She said, her soft tone fading into light snores. 

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