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Axel Melon

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Roleplay Type: ANG

Name: Axel Melon

Gender: Male

Age: Stallion

Species: Earth Pony

Eye Color: Brown (gray with brown contact lenses)

Coat: Tan

Mane/Tail/Beard: Brown

Physique: Burly build, farmer’s body.

Residence: Switches between his farm outside Maretime Bay and with his cousin Sprout’s house when staying in Maretime Bay.

Occupation: Watermelon Farmer, Scoutmaster, Axe Thrower

Cutie Mark: Axe slicing a watermelon.

Unique Traits: Outdoor skills. Fighting. Axe Throwing, Leadership.

History: Axel Melon was raised on a Warermelon Farm on a small rural community outside Maretime Bay. Axel’s parents were rather feminine (his mom lived in a mare only house and his dad was a former one hit wonder boy band member), who expected Axel to be more feminine… But Axel knew his calling was with the Ranger Scouts. He learned stallionly skills like Axe Throwing, Hiking, Knife Safety, Hunting (he’s never done it but he knows how if needed), and various other manly outdoor activities. He joined his cousin Sprout Cloverleaf’s troop and befriended him and his friends Sunny Starscout and Hitch Trailblazer, the latter of which he has a small crush on. As Axel became an adult, he eventually became the Scoutmaster of his troop, carrying on the tradition of teaching foals strong survival skills. He was desperate for a family and decided that as he couldn’t have a wife, he decided to adopt two twin foals, his daughter Bow Melon and son Arron Melon. The twins grew up on Axel’s farm and joined his scout troop becoming skilled scouts, particularly Archers. In recent years his troop was struggling to gain members as enrollment dropped harshly… But following the inclusion of unicorns and pegasi, the troop gained a huge splurge of members. 

Character Personality: A very traditional pony, Axel is not somepony who likes change. He loves hard work and family, and doesn’t want the world to forget the beauty in exploring nature and the strength needed to survive in nature. Because of this, Axel shows an extensive fear of change rooted in a sense of truth. His biggest fear of change is the thought that his kids will start to forget him and his Scoutmaster teachings as they begin to see Sunny and Pipp as new role models, thinking he’ll eventually be replaced. Because of this, Axel can have a jealous side, but fundamentally, Axel is a good natured, hard working, old fashioned stallion and will do anything to help ponies survive.

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