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'Lady Egret' AKA Kei Amon [READY]


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Name: Kei Amon. However everypony calls her 'Lady Egret'.

Gender: Female

Age: Mare

Species: Unicorn

Eye colour: Lady Egret only possesses the right - silver - eye. The left one was apparently lost in shakedown attempt gone wrong.

Coat: Snow white

Mane/Tail: Silver-white, with the exception of two 'wings' behind her ears styled with hair clips and dyed black

Physique: Tall, lean and athletic, surprisingly for a club owner. Although given some ongoing rumours about her background, not so much.....

Residence: 'The Isle' an exotic eastern land inspired, multi-floor establishment that acts as nightclub, hotel, jewellery saloon and an auction house in perfect distance in-between Zephyr Heights, Bridlewood and Maretime Bay. It is build on artificial island, which itself is build on artificial lake. Very eye-catching and imposing, with total floor area equalling 18 ha. It's also situated just outside law enforcement jurisdiction of all three settlements.

Occupation: Owner, manager and occasional bouncer in her establishment. Lady Egret also provides appraisal and goldsmith and jeweller services, while also overlooking auctions in 'The Isle'.

Cutie Mark: A one-eyed oni, holding golden and jewel encrusted kanabō.

Unique Traits:

One Eye Lady of the Night:

Lady Egret has only one eye and thus has some slight troubles with depth perception, as well as being an obvious blindspot. In a scrap, her instincts allow her to compensate, but if somepony doesn't have 'malicious' intent, they can sneak by her.


Underworld Connections? :

While nothing has been proven, Lady Egret has some shady connections all over the place, most notably from eastern lands. While she refuses for 'The Isle' to get dirty in any way, or for any fights to break out inside,  she is surprisingly well informed about lot of stuff, suspiciously so.


Magic Prodigy:

While magic returned to world only recently, Lady Egret took to it like duck into water. She already very skilled with telekinesis, and she apparently started to delve into some defensive applications of sorcery.


Punch-Out Artist:

Whatever Lady Egret past is, it made her learn how to handle herself in hoof-fight very, VERY well. Egret is surprisingly graceful and quick in movement and dodging, with a hint of deeper technique beneath, but very brutal with her strikes - perhaps unnecessary so - and with mean grappler streak as well. She also has no qualms about picking anything and everything in the range and just smacking some trouble making sap with it. The first poor nincompoops that started to brew trouble in her club, quickly learned how bad idea it was, as they were carried out on the stretchers.


Wing and Feathers All Over:

'Lady Egret' moniker is not just for show, because apparently Kei Amon likes feathers - and by association, wings - a LOT. All of her clothing (and she always wears some clothing) has feather trim instead of fur one, she wears golden, feather shaped pedant, styles her 'do into pair of black wings, 'The Isle' logo is floating island with pair of wings attached.....the examples could be piled whole night and day.

'Lady Egret' also appears to collect actual feathers, both from pegasi and other winged creatures. The rumour says that she has a whole room or more, of preserved feathers displayed in glass cases. She also is willing to provide some discounts for those who bring her unique and rare plumage, or provides their own.


Hobbies: Jogging, bartending, karaoke, amateur winemaking.


History: Since she is foreigner that only got to continent only year at most, her past is mysterious and full of rumours. Apparently her real name is Kei Amon, although she refuses to acknowledge it or answer when called such. The most consistent of those gossips say that she had some prior connections with eastern mobsters, although what ties exactly is unclear. Some say she was a member of a Clan, and she permanently dealt with matriarch or patriarch of her Family. Other that she was Family head herself, and was forced to get out of the way after her attempt at becoming Chairmare of the clan failed. There are also talks about her being involved with disappearance of cash amounting no less then 10 billion, and thus she became too hot to remain in the country.


Whatever the case was, Lady Egret travelled to Equestria around a year ago, with some underlings, and immediately started recruiting among locals, as well as claiming specific spot of land for herself. In quick order she acquired large amounts of building materials, as well as necessary workers. Her establishment, 'The Isle' was build just after 8 months, a thing unprecedented for an building of such size.

In the meantime, Lady Egret got in touch with various suppliers and logistic experts to provide for her auction house, jewellery store, nightclub and hotel.

No one knows one her goals and ambitions are - aside from profit. But whenever they are, she is playing long game, and she is in Equestria to stay.


Character Personality: Reserved, rarely smiling and often scowling. Lady Egret always knows what to say, even if she has really foul mouth about it half of the time. She has a keen eye (heh) for talent, and always is seeking to poach staff for her own establishment, although she is quite subtle about it.

That said all the subtlety goes out of the window in the fight, when Egret jumps into a scrap. In it, she appears as almost unhinged slugger, although it's unclear if it's just stress relief for her, her true nature leaking out or just scare tactics.


Egret word is her law, and unlike most she sticks both to word AND the spirit of it - although if you double-cross her or attempt to weasel out of the deal the 'spirit' part is thrown out of the window, and Lady shows that she can be one of the meanest 'rules lawyer' on the continent.

The only soft spot she apparently has are kids, with Egret ready to do sillies of things to humour them - even if she's scowling all the while.

Character Summary: A possible ex-mobster with mysterious past, and with very fancy establishment she build herself. 'Lady Egret' can be pony's best friend or nastiest foe, but whatever the case her goals and ambitions are things that she keeps to herself...for now.

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