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Hey, everypony!


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My name is pinkdoesstuff, but you can call me Pink for short :) I like to draw, animate, and roleplay! I really hope that we will get along!

My pacing is kind of fast when I write, but I do write a lot. Sorry if I give you a gigantic block of text when I respond to an action your character makes :kissy: 

I found Canterlot because I wanted to roleplay, and found Canterlot Avenue. But Canterlot Avenue's register page didn't work for whatever reason, so I just googled, "Canterlot Roleplay" and found this instead! 

My favorite pony in the Mane 6 is Twilight because she's my highest kin and I relate to her a lot. :TSparkle:My favorite pony of all time is Derpy because she is just so super duper cute! :P If you couldn't tell, I also like to use emojis a lot. My favorite colour is pink, (duh) and I like cats a lot. I've got a lot of characters I'd like to use with you all. Aaaa I'm so excited to meet you all!


Love and Tolerance prevails,



P.S. I've also got an account on FIMfiction by the same account name where I write about my characters!

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Love to see you, pink!  Friendly neighborhood modmin here. 


Still not home from folks yet, so can't really give the guided tour on the site, but I'll shoot you a PM when I get home and can work from a laptop rather than a phone!

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