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Running of the Leaves Rules! w/ Map!


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Feel free to ask questions if you are confused!

Here is a current map of the Running of the Leaves race, compliments of Riverhippo!


Here's a breakdown of the rules again:

-The Running of the Leaves is a race that spans through the White-tail woods. We will have a special thread for every two days of the race- each of these two days represent a different 'neck' of the race through White-tail woods.

-Everypony on the forum can race with one Mane RP approved OC. For each 'neck' of the race that user RP's their OC running through, we (the staff) will roll a die, and add it to their 'race score'. There are seven sections of White-tail wood to be raced through!

-We will also evaluate the quality of each post per section of the race, awarding it 0-3 (up to 3 possible points) and add that to the 'race score' for that section of the race. Quality of posts will determine how many points are awarded. You can post more than once in a section of the race, but quality will always beat quantity! The person with the highest race score at the conclusion of the race will be the victor!

-This system leaves a lot of the race up to random chance (which is much like a real race- you never know the strength of all your competitors!); but everypony will be able to directly affect their chances by how well, and how often, they choose to RP the race.

-Because of the way this is set up, even if you miss a 'section' of the race, you wont necessarily be out of your chance for 1st place- hang in there and give it your best! If you join late to the race, no problem at all! Just start RP'ing from the section that everypony is currently on- you never know, luck may just be on your side!


-7 sections of White-tail wood = 14 days of RP!

-Each section will be open for 2 days- Thats two days to RP each section of the race. Once a section has passed, you will not be able go back to RP in it!

-You will earn race points for each section of the race you participate in (1-6 random chance, + 0-3 based on quality/frequency of RP. Thats a potential 9 points for each section!)

-There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place! Give it your best shot!

-If you dont have an OC for the Mane RP, now's the time to submit! I'll be making personal rounds these next few days to help get as many OC's approved as possible for the race!

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umm im confused about two things...

or ill-informed

A- were do you cheer? and how does the whole thing work/what are the rules for cheering?

B- are you allowed to enter even if its already started, just for the fun of it?

The cheering post just went up, under The sidelines.

You can join the race at any time in whatever topic is open!

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