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Hippocamps and Kelpies - Our Little Feeshies


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(Art by community artist MudBug)


Ocean based ponies. Bottom half of their body is a marine animal tail, Usually a dolphin or some sort of generic whale. Rare cases are narwhals, where the tusk/horn grows from the center of the pony's skull, like a Unicorn, not their base of magical power. All hippocamps have some sort of small magical ability retaining to water.


All hippocamps have very little magical abilities. Most are simply tricks they developed to scare away sailors and pirates from their underwater villages. Usually involve some sort of bubble manipulation, from putting voices inside the bubbles to pop at the surface and scare away sailors, or heating the water to make a sudden bank of fog to make sailors lose their way. In extreme cases a group of hippocamps get together and create a huge pocket of bubbles which causes the water to become mostly air, sinking whole ships in minutes. They are not the cause of whirlpools however - those are naturally occurring.


Hippocamps are vegitarian/herbivores - they eat aquatic plants and the occasional land plant delicacy. Hippocamps are also able to be on land for small amounts of time - usually one to two hours. After that they need to find some sort of moisture to hydrate themselves or their pelt starts to dry up, becoming very easy to injure. Think of a bad sunburn. If it's raining or foggy, or even very humid, Hippocamps can stay on land for longer periods of time for their pelt doesn't dry out too fast.


Hippocamps can also easily switch from air to water breathing. Very adaptable in that sense.


Hippocamps can live in oceans, rivers, and inland lakes. They are never found in a lake that does not have some sort of river system that connects to the ocean. Hippocamps are naturally ocean-dwelling creatures and only migrate inland either by accident or on purpose. Hippocamps need to migrate back to the sea upon winter for they cannot survive in very cold environments. Hippocamps usually live in pods in villages dotting the ocean, or migrate to the large hippocamp/kelpie underwater city by Gallapocous Island.


Hippocamps tend to be naturally enamored by shiny trinkets and baubles. Most just collect shiny things off the ocean floor - city hippocamps become very vain and tend to hoard shiny things, specially jewelry and house ornaments. They are also, in the rich sector, obsessed with always being beautiful and elegant. The middle to poor class are along the same lines as normal land ponies - living together, having a family, ect. Think of it as Rich - Manehattan, Mid/poor - Ponyville.


City hippocamps get along well with land ponies, while ocean hippocamps tend to be more shy, taking a while to fully trust land ponies. Once they do they make lasting friendships with land ponies.






(Art by community artist MudBug)


Ocean based ponies. Bottom half of their body is a marine creature, generally some type of shark. Kelpies have very little magical ability and tend to rely on their natural instincts.


The most kind of magic a Kelpie can muster is being able to find food in any kind of situation, no matter how dire. They are very hardy and can live in nearly every kind of aquatic environment, even marshes. Kelpies can also survive on land just the same way a hippocamp can - albeit it's a bit difficult for them to manouver around due to their horizontal spines.


Kelpies are carnivores/omnivores. They will always prefer meat, and usually eat aquatic animals/fish. They never eat hippocamps however - too similar to themselves. Kelpies are mischevious by nature, and tend to get into trouble in large groups. Their natural instinct makes them pick on each other, so it's difficult for them to live in large groups. The largest group of them live in the underwater city near the Gallapocous Island - that sector of the city is often in chaos.


Kelpies get along well with land ponies no matter where they are, despite the large differences between them. Land ponies often are intimidated by the kelpie's mischievous attitude and mouthful of sharp teeth. Once they get to know them and get accustomed to their nature, they often get along easily.


Kelpies don't have a specific affinity towards any object or animal. They do enjoy teasing the local fauna whereever they live. Kelpies are very stong and tough, and can even out-muscle/manouver a hydra out of it's territory, or subdue it if it's acting up.

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