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IndyFur coming up the day after tomorrow! I have to work tonight, sleep a few hours then work a 19 hour shift, then get home, shower, do some last minute packing and road trip down there. It's gonna be crazy. If I don't respond in the next few months, assume I'm succumbed by karoshi.

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That was a weekend. It was fun, but every night something happened. First night we had a few stalkers we had to shake off, followed by a fire alarm early in the morning. Saturday night we had a room mate that decided to go on a bender and we ended up babysitting him. He wouldn't stay in the room or listen to us; it eventually ended with him in the hospital when he rammed his head into a door. He also bruised my arm and wouldn't keep his hands to himself. We had to find his bag with his car keys; we had to coax one of the people in the "party room" to open the door so we could get his stuff back. One of them eventually regained consciousness long enough to let us in before collapsing again. The room smelled like vomit and had a big keg in the middle of it. Gross.


When I do cons, I don't drink or do any "party" activities besides pal around and have fun; I really don't get the crowd that want to take it outside the limits of common sense.


So yeah, fun stuff! Would I do that con again? Probably not.


Bright side, my little sister got to show off her fursuit and dance around in a box!



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