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You know I could never resist your hauntingly pallid, clammy face, baby.

Your flesh is like moonlight on an algae covered skeleton.

You complete me you beautiful abomination~<3


39 minutes ago, SteelEagle said:

I would dare. Oh, I dare. I lick a lot of things, you'll just be another name on that wall!


Is... is that all I am to you...?

Just another lick on your wall of lickings?

I... I thought there was something special about my taste.. my flavor... my yummyyummymmmm...

The way your saliva glistens and undulates when you look at my tasty bits...

The way you recoil in a mixture of horror and intrigue at the scent of my unwashed tail fins...

But I guess... I was wrong.....



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Aw, thanks. That's almost the kindest thing anyone has ever said to me.
I'll take this ruined Chance, not return it, but erect it in a place where it can stand as a monument for LPW's 7th Birthday.
Its disturbing and firm gaze will be a reminder that LPW was a mistake that only serves as a container for a bunch of filthy degenerates. 

The consequences of this place will last forever.



Like my love for you.
I hope I devour your soul one day. 


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This momentous date shall forever be marked by the ruined remains of Rosewind's thoroughly despoiled Chance.

A silent sentinel.

An unwilling watcher.

The Silent Stud of the Seventh~

Ever erect.

Forever forlorn.

Always remembering.



As I will always hope for that day.

When at last my soul may join yours in unholy matrimony.


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...good gosh, Rocky.


Please, PLEASE, combine more things with 'fest!'

I've GOT to know what other possibilities exist! 83


11 hours ago, SteelEagle said:

Yes, Fawkes. That is what you are to me. Just another lick.

Now get over here and satisfy my dark urges.





Nnnnhh.. s-stop...

Hhhhh... I.. I don't....

A-Aaahh... y-...


Treat me like one of your iodine-enriched American National Parks brand salt licks...

Mmmnnffh.. k-keep...

Keep going...~



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I'm the type that prefers to just grab a pack and go. It's kinda sad to look at those amazing panties at hot topic and be like: "Pusheen or Deadpool? Rick and Morty or Totoro?" and then you look at the price and get your soul sucked out.

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