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1 hour ago, Penumbra said:


I have a Citroen DS3 and I love her.

Firstly, this is extremely accurate.


 And super cool. I've never seen a Citroen in person before.. someone should hurry up and import one in my town.

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11 hours ago, Rosewind said:

No judgment Pemby, only love. Unless you're Rocky, then it's just judgment.




 Feeling that sunshine right about now. 

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No they are fixing it. I guess the director tweeted that they heard how no one likes it and they are redesigning Sonic to look the way he's supposed to. Could be bs but I'd like to think its true. I wonder if Jim Carrey's still got it.

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Thank you, Rose. Went for the throat this time, I see.

I couldn't think of a comeback so here's a picture of a rock I found by Googling 'a rock'.


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