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Look what I had permanently etched into my skin




Fun facts:
It was done in a shop in the city where Hot Fuzz was filmed.
It was inked by an actress from the Paddington movies. 

More shading and colour to come soon!

It hurt!



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I reckon it was planned to be Josuke and the idea was during his fight with Kira, he would get BITES ZA DUSTO back in time.
But I guess its some rando in cannon

Part 5 is the worst for stuff like that. So much retcon in the first few eps. 

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Here are some things you can completely forget about then.
The damage reflect feature of Gold Experience. Its never used after Giorno's fight with Koichi.
The 'hyper mode' from GE's punches. Its only used against Bruno.
The rules as to how much control Giorno has over newly created animals keeps changing. 
Matter of fact, what he can turn into what also changes. 
Its never explained in the show how Giorno gets that picture of DIO. 
Giorno is never once referred to as JoJo or GioGio. 

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You should! Its a lot of fun! Sun punches and ghost punches forever!

Fun part 5 fact!


Fugo was originally suppose to be an informant for Bossu but was quickly changed last second. Which is why he's left behind, otherwise the gang would have a super OP stand user!
Good thing that is no longer the case.
Gold Experience too op pls nerf.

I also started playing warframe

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Oh that makes sense, I think, I mean I didn't think he was too powerful but what can ya do


I haven't really been playing Warframe a lot but I decided to try the new boss, it has been a painful and annoying experience

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Having a stand that can kill anything in 30 seconds is pretty op. The only reason Giorno survives is that GE is pretty broken. I think the issue is was that Fugo was created without a limit. Okuyasu was an idiot and couldn't use The Hand, possibly the strongest stand in the cannon, to its full potential. Even though Purple Haze had an anger problem, it wouldn't be an issue when fighting an enemy. So he was kinda written into an awkward place, which was a shame. 

Why does my Valkyr have such a nice ass? 

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