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I guess it would just be a pain to deal with. Mista could probably just shoot him to death, unless Purple Haze can deflect bullets or something in which case yikes, but having every enemy need to stay out of melee range would probably make writing new encounters a little difficult.


Valkyr is basically nude 24/7. I used her Prime which is slightly less nude against the new boss, but I was still getting wiped across the floor. I used stupid Wukong because he's the worst kind of OP and beat the boss, I still need to do it like a bunch more times but I can't be bothered

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There's this chicken salad I like from a store near me but sometimes it tastes completely different without any warning and I spent longer than I'd like to admit making the perfect sandwich just to sink my teeth in and realize it's the really gross kind, I'm never making food again

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A good evening to you, madame. I am but a weary traveler who humbly wishes to inquire on the status of a certain thread of intrigue taking residence here.

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13 hours ago, FlameLoneWolf said:

Been a hot minute, haven't been active on this site since 2012. 


Wassup, y'all

Not much. Came back recently as well. Welcome back.

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