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Yep, pretty sure she'd look bedraggled, worn, and scared. Especially with the Shining pony right behind her! I really like your take on her cutie mark :D

Thank you, Pinkie. I tried to make her look good. Well, She still looks better than the doctor and half the things she will meet in the story so at least she dosen't need to worry about not being the looker.

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I go to the bathroom and when I come back Sulvuss has a pretty picture for us :3

Very nicely done by the way :D

If you want to see more pictures I got a whole monster manual and character for the RP wer making. The rest of the skecthes are like that too.


Thank you, Conor. It nice to know you like my stuff.

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Not a problem Sulvuss :P

And...I've already seen that manual, your style is definitely unique and I like how you express your self through your art...

Very nice :D

I still got to add more to it. I need to put some "boss" and archtype manifestation in there too. I also need to put Winter Iris, any other sub characters and the rest of the staff. Maybe one or two more normal manifestations.

Thank you.

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This makes me want to draw an epic picture of a long liquid blade swirling about in the moonlgiht from the head of a ninja or a shadowed figure with a thousand dismantled and mutilated corpses littering the halls.

Haha, yeah? :D

That has to be one of the coolest piano compositions I have ever heard, really.

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