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i need to go to the evil brain lady in 15 minutes!

what do i do? is there any way for me not to go?

I DONT WANNA DIE NOW! I WANNA DIE IN TWO YEARS AT THE EARILEST! depending on if i learn to feed myself or not.

which, i fed four people my grillled cheese sandwiches, and... one person liked them. the guy who only really likes strange food. :( do i still get cooking experience points?

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*continues countdown*

Clock is ticking, Rosewind.





Hour by hour pass the chimes as the denizens drop tears and dimes. Walking faster with each new step as they put forth memories that they regret. Lurking briefly in the corners is the counter, watching qautres. Only halves make the whole way through but for that to work it takes a team of two. No matter the skill, no matter the trick, the people who are slick are left to the mercy of the ticks. Hour by hour the footsteps faster with the beat of the second as they approach the unseen master. Time rewinds for it is gone, time destroyed, time destroyed and in its place a nightmarish song.

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